Voice recordings of Eliza Bleu seemingly consenting to participate in her viral provocative World Star music video are currently circulating on social media.

Here is everything you need to know.

Eliza Bleu’s human trafficking story scandal explained 

Eliza Bleu’s credibility and integrity were called into question after The Daily Beast published an exclusive piece claiming that she is not the victim she portrays to be. 

Moreover, her viral World Star music video was reportedly removed from YouTube. In the video, Bleu appears to be dancing in revealing clothes. 

Meanwhile, several content creators including Lauren Chen claim that Bleu is on a ‘censorship warpath.’ 

They went on to suggest that she is deliberately taking down content from the internet that contradicts her human trafficking narrative.

However, most recently, an audio recording of Bleu has gone viral in which she can be heard giving her consent to participate in the World Star iCandy music video. 

She said, ‘I was blessed to work with one of the dopest directors in the game… I had a vision, I couldn’t sleep one night, I said what would take me to the next level like for myself.’

Bleu continues, ‘I just got this thing in my head like Worldstar… I wrote them an actual email, it was short and sweet and to the point, explaining to them who I was.’

In addition, an alleged email from World Star is also going around online. In the post, a representative from the company revealed that Bleu was ‘paid’ for the video she took part in.

Eliza Bleu’s friend is not buying her human trafficking story

The Daily Beast recently released an article about Eliza Bleu where they might have exposed her lies.

Additionally, the media outlet talked to Bleu’s now-former friend Carly Wenzel to expose her lies.

According to reports, Bleu met a popular photographer when was 16 at a Warped Tour concert in Chicago.

She claimed that she traveled to Los Angeles when the photographer promised to make her a celebrity. However, she was allegedly s*xually assaulted while being drugged on methamphetamine.

Bleu added that she was sold for $500 to a s*x trafficking ring located in the Hollywood Hills.

Wenzel on the other hand claims that Bleu’s story is not accurate. She mentioned that she first met Bleu when they were partying with musicians in the Quad Cities. She continued that at that time she was 18 while Bleu was in her early twenties. 


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