Mud Wtr Reviews: MUD/WTR is a coffee substitute made from organic components revered for their health and performance benefits. Mud provides natural energy, attention, and more without the jitters and crash of coffee.”Mud water is a great alternative to coffee and other Caffeinated drinks. Unlike caffeine, it is healthier, tastes better, and has fewer side effects.

Mud Wtr Reviews

While it contains caffeine, the ingredients are more natural and less harsh. It resembles chocolate powder. It is designed to provide you with energy without jitters or worry. Many coffee fans, including myself, have recently been interested in MUD/WTR. With all the excitement around the MUD WTR, I decided to give it a shot and report back on my findings in an unbiased manner. In the end, he designed the final product that is now sold on their website. MUD/WTR is a powder elixir of masala chai and cacao powder with a potent blend of adaptogens and ayurvedic herbs.

MUD/WTR is a healthy coffee alternative. Why suffer the repercussions of daily coffee consumption when there is an easy, healthy, and delicious alternative? Shane Heath, the creator, and CEO of MUD/WTR wants to remove the jitters from coffee and infuse it with superfood components. He desired a beverage that would boost alertness, cognition, physical stamina, immunity, and overall wellness.


All MUD/WTR items are designed to promote the perfect cup of Mud. They only utilize organic, non-GMO components to ensure purity and quality. Their main product is a coffee replacement with creamer and sweetener. To save money on your morning kickoff, you can subscribe to any of the products for 30, 60, or 90 days. MUD/WTR is a simple morning routine. You mix a scoop of powder with hot water in your favorite mug and blend with their Mud whip. If you prefer a latte or a sweeter coffee, you can blend with MUD/creamer WTR or sweeteners for a creamy, delightful morning boost.

MUDWTR Overview

Shane Heath enjoyed the morning routine of a hot cup of coffee. But his body disagreed. He got jittery, lost sleep, and became reliant on the booze. He also knew others trying to quit owing to similar bad effects. A replacement beverage that would provide the same gratifying ritual without the harmful effects was sought by MUDWTR. After experimenting with various chemicals and combinations, he discovered MUDWTR. Shane founded the firm in 2018 in Venice, California.

Mud Wtr Reviews
Mud Wtr Reviews

MUDWTR is delighted to support MAPS by donating a portion of sales to the charity. MAPS is dedicated to transforming mental health therapy. Ingredients for MUDWTR are sourced responsibly from India and the Dominican Republic. All ingredients are sourced and packaged in America. And they’re all organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, Whole30, and kosher! Now that you know more about the company, let’s look at the advantages and cons:


  • Natural and organic coffee substitute
  • Sweet and creamy healthy additions
  • Boosts energy and attention naturally
  • Unlike coffee, no jitters or crash.
  • Kosher and non-GMO
  • Packing that degrades or recycles
  • Shipping to the US
  • Return policy 30 days


  • No global shipping
  • Compared to other brands, costly

Though the brand aims to help you replace your morning coffee with something healthier, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find creamers, sweeteners, and gadgets. Unsure where to begin? This MUDWTR review has got you covered. Next, learn about the company’s free program and best-selling items. I never considered giving up coffee until it became a necessity. But I quickly discovered that removing the ritualistic aspect was difficult. What good is a late-night without a good cappuccino the next morning? What good is a morning without a designated wake-up drink?

What is all this muck for?

MUDWTR bills itself as a coffee substitute, claiming to provide an energy boost without the jitters. It’s a light brown powder that resembles ground ginger, and it comprises a blend of mushrooms (lion’s mane, cordyceps, chaga, reishi) with apparently healthy, adaptogenic characteristics. These existential questions kept me up late, making stimulant-free mornings challenging.

Mud Wtr Reviews
Mud Wtr Reviews

Decaf coffee is fine, but I periodically relapse and regret it. But I needed something to replace that huge coffee-less vacuum in my morning ritual and life. So I started looking into coffee substitutes and came across MUDWTR, a popular chai-like powder invented by artist and former Silicon Valley designer Shane Heath. It’s all over Instagram and Google Ads, nutritionists recommend it, and it claims to have several health benefits—so I decided to try it for myself.

Making the mud

To make a “mud latte,” all you need is one tablespoon of MUDWTR and six grams of “creamer,” which I think should be termed a MUDLTE. (The brand’s website has many more tempting MUDWTR recipes, from smoothies to nog to cake.) Is there more to this creamer than meets the eye? The fact that the creamer is weighed in grams makes me think. When I asked Siri how to convert grams to teaspoons, she stated they weren’t compatible, which is also how I’d describe our relationship. According to Google, one teaspoon is 4.2 grams, thus I could use my half teaspoon three times to achieve a near enough quantity. Math first thing in the morning rarely works.

MUDWTR advises “stir well,” which is a bit of an understatement. This is where the MUD Whip (whip) comes in. A thick layer of sludgy muck will form at the bottom of your cup if you don’t adequately mix it with hot water.

MUDWTR’s Natural Blend Reduced Dependency On Coffee

Our staff is dedicated to identifying and promoting the best products online. We may get a commission if you buy through our links. To be honest, we only advocate items we believe in. I need a coffee break. Those are the 15 years I’ve promised myself, but like any poisonous relationship, it’s difficult to end. I’ve been hooked since my first sugar-laced Starbucks Frappuccino (hey, it’s college!) My body is chemically wired to welcome that pleasant surge of caffeine-induced adrenaline.

In fact, I get headaches and am generally grumpy without my daily cup of joe. Not alone. Nearly everyone I know (about 85% of Americans drink two cups of coffee per day!) wishes to give up or at least minimize their caffeine intake. But how do we quit seeking “the most extensively consumed psychoactive drug,” according to Dr. Lorenzo Stafford of the University of Portsmouth’s Department of Psychology? MUDWTR’s healthier coffee alternative, perfected over a year by entrepreneur Shane Heath, maybe the secret. This coffee fanatic put it to the test!

To be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled with MUDWTR at first, starting with the “creative” product names. I’m all for new things, but when new things require me to locate the reverse slash key on my computer, I say no thanks. Then there was the mudslinging episode with the whip. Brewing this stuff seems difficult at first, but remember that making coffee includes drying and grinding beans, then steeping and straining, and so on. But!

I enjoyed producing MUDWTR and discovering my tastes, especially because one-seventh of the caffeine in coffee is obviously my sweet spot for morning energy drinks. But at least the name is honest. Mud is fine.

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