Pete Davidson Gets A Puppy With Chase Sui Wonders
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As per reports, Pete Davidson has a new puppy. Moreover, he was captured picking up the pup along with his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders.

Here is everything you need to know.

Pete Davidson picks up a new puppy with his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders reportedly headed to Citipups in New York City in Manhattan to pick up the puppy.

Moreover, the aforementioned pet store also shared footage of the couple hanging around at the counter.

In addition, the employees of Citipups revealed that Davidson and Sui Wonders showed up on 21st May. They also revealed that the pair decided to get a cavapoo puppy.

The puppy is a boy and is reportedly 2.5 months old. Subsequently, he has not been christened with a name yet, so Davidson and Sui Wonders are likely to give him the name. Also, the puppy is not a rescue but came from a breeder.

According to the news, Davidson opted to contact the pet store after he saw a photo of the cavapoo and instantly fell in love with the puppy.

Davidson on the other hand brought Sui Wonders with him when he visited Citipups. Additionally, they bought him on the spot. 

However, it remains unclear whether Davidson got the dog for himself or whether the duo decided to adopt it together.

Kim Kardashian made sure Pete Davidson is aware of what he is getting himself into before they dated

Kim Kardashian got candid about the difficulties she faced while dating someone new on camera on Thursday’s episode of The Kardashian.

Nevertheless, she was discussing the time when Pete Davidson was featured on the show when they were seeing each other.

She said in a confessional, ‘You can’t film with someone that’s not a cast member, that doesn’t have aspirations of being on a reality show. Bottom line.’

She continued, ‘It’s hard when you start dating someone and you’re on a reality show, so Pete and I had that conversation right away.’

The SKIMS founder stated, ‘You obviously know what you’re getting yourself into. But then the fans were like, “Pete’s not on the show!” and I was like, “We said that from the start, it’s not what he does.”‘

She added, ‘Then I opened up, then I had him on the show. I talked about every last thing, what else do you want?’

If you didn’t know, Kardashian and Davidson call it quits on their relationship after dating for nine months in August 2022.


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