Recap And Explanation Of The Season Two Finale Of “The Devil Is A Part-Timer”

Recap and Explanation of the Season Two Finale of “The Devil is a Part-Timer”

The Devil is a Part-Timer! or “Hataraku Maou-sama!! “, season 2’s twelfth episode, finds Raguel at last, but Maou and his pals are horrified to see Gabriel with him. Chiho, who assists her companions in battling the angels, receives part of Emi’s mother’s abilities in the meantime. Finally, after possessing Chiho, Lailah gives Maou a crucial message. Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” or “Hataraku Maou-sama!! “, episode 12 of season 2. Spoilers follow!

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Review of the The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Finale

Maou and his pals begin deliberating the best course of action after determining that Raguel is likely conducting business from one of the city’s towers. While Urushihara devises a clever scheme, Emi pays little attention to anyone and orders everyone to split into two groups and search for the enigmatic angel.

Emi has already investigated the other tower and has determined that Raguel is not there while Alsiel and Maou board the train to get to one of the towers. Even if this ends up being true, Emi unintentionally runs into Gabriel there. He doesn’t want to fight her, but he does say something startling.

Emi becomes perplexed by Gabriel’s observation of the odd nature of her parents’ connection and wonders how it is possible for an angel and human to have children, which is obviously impossible. In her state of shock, Emi has never given it that much attention when Gabriel claims that her father is still very much alive. He had been Emi’s driving force up until this point, but now that she knows he is somewhere out there, she is unsure of what to do.

While Emi tries to discuss her mental pain with Alas Ramus, Urushihara and Suzuno come up with their own plans to track down Raguel. But once the latter utilises Sonar, Chiho appears in front of them and displays abilities she has inherited from Emi’s mother. She appears to be looking for Raguel too, and even after understanding he is not there, she keeps looking for him.

Do Maou and His Friends Find Raguel And Stop Him?

Maou unintentionally sees the weird man from the previous udon restaurant while searching for Raguel. Maou becomes immediately sceptical of him when he mentions Gabriel. The man does not know that he is next to Satan himself until he sees Maou. Raguel also displays some defensiveness when Maou eventually speaks about the Sonar.

Only a short while later, Maou and Alsiel blow the lid off of their identities. Raguel also changes, as wings start to sprout from his back. A few seconds later, Gabriel shows in and mentions that he told Emi that her father was still alive, which had caused her to lose her will to fight. Raguel nonchalantly flies toward the top of the Tokyo Tower, avoiding any conflict, as Maou is furious that he descended to such a low level and the two begin exchanging punches with him.

Satan finds Gabriel to be too strong and is unable to hurt him in any way. Even with all of his strength, Satan could never overcome him, the angel claims. He enters to reveal the countless clones that have been working for him, ensuring that Maou has never actually known the full scope of his abilities.

Details on The Devil is a Part-Timer

Raguel abruptly drops to one of the tower’s highest levels, and it becomes clear that Emi has come back to engage in combat once more. Throughout the exchange, Gabriel continues to exert tremendous power, and he maintains his dominance until Chiho joins them and uses her bow to shoot him. Gabriel and Raguel run as she flips the war in a matter of minutes. She loses consciousness though, and is then rushed to the hospital once more.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is a 2013 Japanese anime series that is based on the Satoshi Wagahara light novels of the same name. The main cast will return for a second season, which will be confirmed during Kadokawa’s Light Novel Expo on March 6, 2021. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! is the title of the second season, which is animated by 3Hz, with Yoshihiro Takeda serving as chief animation director, Daisuke Chikushi directing, Ydai Iino designing the characters, and the rest of the staff returning from the first season. On Tokyo MX and BS11, the second season debuted between July 14 and September 29, 2022. The beginning and closing themes are “With” by Minami Kuribayashi and “Mizukagami no Sekai” (, lit. “The World in the Water’s Reflection”) by Marina Horiuchi, respectively.

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Story Plot of The Devil is a Part-Timer

A strange woman visits the abandoned Devil King’s castle in the demon world and sends the last plant to Earth. While visiting Suzuna, Emi makes fun of Maou, Alciel, and Urushihara’s poverty during one of their routine arguments. Alciel tries to teach Urushihara how to clean the house when Maou leaves for his shift at MgRonald’s, but they sense a strange presence nearby, which subsequently begins to assault them. As their shift, Chiho requests to go to Maou’s house, and after it begins to rain and they share an umbrella, he reluctantly agrees.

When it is discovered that the “object” is only a cockroach, everyone is terrified until Suzuna gets rid of it. Unexpectedly, a gate rises above the structure, and a big apple emerges from it. After a fight between Maou and Emi, Emi attacks Maou with her Holy Sword, but the apple’s hands stop her. They take the transformed apple—a young girl—inside. When asked who her parents are, she introduces herself as Alas Ramus and gestures to Maou and Emi, greatly shocking everyone.

After the revelation, the group tries to decide what to do about Alas Ramus, thinking that since she goes by the name Ente Islan, she isn’t really related to the angels. Maou consents to let her remain and look after her at their home. Later, Chiho purchases baby necessities for Alas Ramus in an effort to help herself out while still feeling a little apprehensive about not having heard back from Maou regarding her confession. Emi tells Suzuki about the conflict between her, Maou, and Alas Ramus, and she gives her tickets to the Tokyo Big-Egg Town amusement park so they can go together.

Due to a miscommunication, Chiho and Suzuna bring Alas Ramus to visit Maou at work, resulting in a small scandal. Maou and Chiho are spoken to by the manager, Kisaki, who advises them to take greater care with how they appear. Chiho accepts Maou’s thanks for her assistance and his apology that he can’t yet respond to her confession. Maou receives tickets from Kisaki to Tokyo Big-Egg Town, bringing the group’s total to six. The girl insists, and Emi grudgingly agrees to accompany Maou and Alas Ramus to the park. Alciel, Chiho, and Suzuki make the decision to covertly follow the three on their “date” on the day of the trip. Urushihara detects the entrance of an army and an angel who is trying to rebuild the “Tree of Life” through a gate.


The Devil is a Part-Timer
The Devil is a Part-Timer


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What Advice Does Maou’s Mother Give Emi?

Maou chooses to visit Chiho at the hospital after putting his life on the line to fight Raguel and Gabriel. Considering that she was recently poisoned by magic, he is very worried about her health. Fortunately, Chiho is doing great, and he couldn’t be happier for her. However, Chiho’s attitude abruptly shifts when the two friends are conversing.

She suddenly begins telling Maou how much she wants to save him. She continues by expressing her regret to Maou for an earlier incident. Maou wants Chiho to divulge her true identity as soon as he discovers that he is actually speaking to someone else instead of Chiho. She continues by saying that she hopes to bring about harmony in Ente Isla and the demonic realm so that they can reclaim their former glory.

The fact that Maou is in Japan is also revealed by Emi’s mother, who is now in charge of Chiho. The kingdom of the Sephirot and Ente Isla are actually the nearest places to this location. Without providing Maou with any further explanation, she then states that “that girl* and her father-” hold one of the keys. She concludes by emphasising that Maou must locate the Ente Isla “Da’at” in order to restore order to the planet. Chiho finally regains consciousness after she wishes him sat her own. At this point, it is clear that Chiho’s possession by Emi’s mother had some impact on her because Chiho may have ended up sharing some of Emi’s memories and emotions. Obviously, the conclusion raises the potential that Chiho may take part in the fighting in the future season in a much more active way. Since there are still so many unanswered questions, it will be intriguing to see how the tale develops moving forward.

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