Craig Auringer: Who Is He? Explained The Wikipedia and Net Of Investor

Craig Auringer is a businessman and investor who operates out of Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia. Craig Auringer currently resides in Canada, however he was born in the United Kingdom.

The Canadian man, who is 52 years old and was captured when he was walking through the streets of Milan, was the subject of an international arrest warrant.

He is accused of playing a significant role in “The Group,” which refers to a collection of multinational speculators. With the same composure with which he had flown to Italy and booked into a hotel in the Lombard metropolis, he walked the streets of Milan, despite the fact that he was wanted around the world in connection with a scam involving one hundred million dollars.

Craig Auringer

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 Craig Auringer: Who Is He?

Back in April, the prosecutor for the district of New York, Damien Williams, filed a warrant for the arrest of Craig Auringer, a Canadian citizen who was living in the Bahamas at the time. Auringer was 52 years old at the time. He was accused of being a member of “The Group,” an organization of worldwide speculators that amassed unlawful gains via the use of the “pump and dump” trading tactic.

He did what any other tourist would do and walked along the Via Manzoni. His name was on the cards at the Armani hotel in the center of Milan, which is where he had stayed, but there was no trace of him when we arrived at the airport.

Auringer was pulled over by the police in the middle of the afternoon on Monday for a random inspection of a steering wheel. Simply entering his name into the database was enough to reveal that he was wanted for questioning on a global scale. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] Before the extradition hearing in the Court of Appeal, he was transferred to San Vittore.

The Vancouver-based method consisted of buying up shares of small businesses on the global market and then attempting to sell those shares to other investors through phony advertising campaigns that contained fabricated information.

Craig Auringer: What He Has Done?

Craig Auringer, who is wanted in connection with a fraud involving $100 Million, has been apprehended in Milan.

Auringer is accused of being a key member of “The Group,” which is a group of international speculators who are accused of illegally amassing over $100 million through the practice of “pump and dump.” This refers to the process of artificially inflating the price of a small cap stock in order to sell stocks acquired at a discount at a higher price. Auringer is charged with being a key member of “The Group,” and he faces multiple charges related to this matter.

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After conducting investigations, a company based in Vancouver, Canada was found to have been involved in “rounding up” shares of minor companies that were located on the global market. These shares were then “pumped” using fictitious advertising campaigns and misleading information before being sold at the highest point at which they were quoted.

Auringer was pulled over by the police, and he promptly gave the officers the necessary documentation. It took some time before the systems were able to identify Auringer as a wanted fugitive on the world stage.



As well, the province of B.C. was charged. Curtis William Lehner, a native of the area and a former member of the B.C. The authorities have determined that Ronald Bauer and Craig Auringer are currently residing in the United Kingdom. Anthony Korculanic, Domenic Calabrigo, and Julius Cargo are three more Canadians who have been held in this incident. Auringer is the only one of the Canadian defendants who has not been located at this time.

A Global Conspiracy Conceived And Directed From Vancouver

The alleged fraud involved the beneficial ownership of firm shares as well as trades that were conducted through a global network of shell organizations.

While on paper the defendants and their co-conspirators did not have any connection to these companies, according to the United States Attorney’s Office, “they exercised substantial control,” which included installing management at the companies, financing the companies’ operations, and funding payments for attorneys to prepare public filings.

It is alleged that the defendants engaged in trades between entities with the intention of fraudulently boosting the trading volume and price of shares in order to carry out the intended strategy. In addition to this, it is said that they ran advertising campaigns that frequently made false and misleading assertions about the companies. They allegedly used “boiler rooms” or contact centers to make unsolicited phone calls to investors in order to drum up interest in the questionable stocks.

At least one base for promotions was reportedly located in Vancouver, as stated by official sources. Christopher McKnight, who lives in Vancouver, is a person of interest in the investigation into whether or not he assisted Vasseur and Lehner with the advertising. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges of securities fraud against McKnight in January of 2020.

Craig Auringer
Craig Auringer

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Quick Facts On Craig Auringer

Name Craig Auringer
Profession Businessman
Age 52 years old
Nationality Canadian
Detained For Stock Fraud


Is Craig Auringer Arrested?

Craig Auringer, 52, was arrested in Milan on an arrest warrant from the New York Prosecutor’s Office for stock fraud.

Was Craig Auringe on the US wanted list?

Craig Auringer was on April 14 on the wanted list by New York District Attorney Damian Williams and FBI Deputy Director of the New York office Michael J. Driscoll.

Did Craig Auringe did stock manipulation?

Craig is believed to be at the center of a manipulation of the US stock more than 100 million dollars in illicit proceeds.

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