Jose Aranibar-Camacho Shot Ex, Murdered Her Boyfriend: Cops

A man allegedly murdered his ex’s new boyfriend in Florida and tried to kill her too.

Reports have described the survivor as the ex-wife of defendant Jose Aranibar-Camacho, 41, but her parents told WTVJ that their daughter Brittany Springmyer was not married to him.

The Miami-Dade Police Department reportedly said officers responded Monday at around 7:45 a.m. to an apartment building in the 7900 block of East Drive.

They said they found Aranibar-Camacho walking outside the apartment. He allegedly had a gun. There was blood on his hands, officers said.

“I killed my ex’s [censored] boyfriend,” the man, apparently Aranibar-Camacho, said in Spanish in video obtained by the outlet. He also reportedly confessed to shooting his “girlfriend.” As seen on video, officers had the man prone with his hands behind his back.

Cops said they discovered the boyfriend in the apartment. He had multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. Springmyer was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center in critical condition.

Aranibar-Camacho and Springmyer’s 2-year-old daughter was at the residence when this happened, but she was unharmed, officers said.

“Thankfully the child is OK, and she’s fine,” Miami-Dade Police spokesman, Detective Luis Sierra said. “It is a very traumatic situation for a child to experience the incident that just occurred, but thankfully, so far she is OK.”

Springmyer’s parents say they have custody of the child right now.

“Our daughter Brittany is an amazing person, but a mother first,” they said. “She adores her 2-year-old little girl, and does everything to create the best life for her. She’s also artistic, creative and passionate about her job teaching dance. Right now, we are focused on our daughter who is still in critical condition, and our granddaughter is safe in our custody. Our family greatly appreciates prayers for them both.”

According to cops, Aranibar-Camacho said that in the days leading up to the incident, he purchased several first-aid items in case he got hurt: a tourniquet, QuikClot, and gauze. Officers said he left behind a note at his home, describing his plan and apologizing to his family.

Aranibar-Camacho said he arrived at the complex two hours before the incident, police said. He allegedly waited.

He believed he was “going to take the male victim’s soul,” officers said.

“We heard a smaller caliber. Boom, boom, boom,” neighbor Krystal Cruz said. “And then there was a pause. And then we heard the louder caliber, which was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.”

“Our family welcomed Brittany’s new boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner only days ago,” Springmyer’s parents said. “They were so excited about this new phase of their lives. Her ex-boyfriend did this out of pure jealously, an inability to move on and a complete disregard for his daughter’s wellbeing.”

Aranibar-Camacho is locked up without bond on charges of murder in the first degree, attempted murder in the first degree with a deadly weapon, and child neglect with no great bodily harm. He was appointed a public defender in his first appearance hearing on Tuesday.

[Mugshot via Miami-Dade County]

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