5 reasons to go to university
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Imagine: you are preparing for exams, sacrificing your free time, and forgetting about rest. And all this for the sake of getting into university. But why? There are so many paid courses, workshops, and intensives these days. After all, you can become a blogger! Yes, almost everyone faces these doubts, but everyone makes his own decision. Today we will talk about why the university is important and why it is worth going there.


1. Contacts

The people that you will study with, will be your colleagues in the future. You can already start coming up with some cool startups in college, and even start developing them by the time you graduate. What about your professors? How many of them can you turn to later for help or advice, you ever wonder?

College is not so much about gaining knowledge as it is about finding future clients, employers, and partners. In four years, you are sure to make friendships that will be oh-so-useful after graduation. You will see!

2. Internship

Most universities provide internships for students. And this is a direct path to the profession. Behind the desks, in the classroom, you are unlikely to become a great journalist, actor, doctor, or IT specialist. But do not think that the university will give you everything, and you just sit and do nothing – it does not work. It’s up to you to make the most of your cooperation: ask questions, suggest things you want to do, ask for more assignments, and make sure you listen to advice. Practice is not a stamp on a piece of paper, it’s your experience first and foremost.

3. Mentors

Here you will meet your future friends, colleagues, and a guide to your future work. Who else but professors-practitioners will tell you how the market works? More often than not, they are only happy to give you some advice, guide you in the right direction, and just give you a little encouragement. And if you prove yourself as a motivated student, they’ll be happy to help you get a job. By the way, advice on college work can be obtained from a write my essay service that will help you get your work done quickly and on time.

4. Uninteresting work

Doing what you like is the right way, but sometimes even in your favorite business, there are tasks that you don’t want to do. But to be successful in your field, you have to have willpower and be disciplined. It was taught at school and will continue to be taught at university because, in adulthood, this skill will be very helpful.

5. Knowledge

Yes, as tedious as it sounds, neither in college nor in courses you will be taught what they teach you at university. They don’t just give you a shovel and tell you to dig, they tell you about related fields and teach you how to think differently. 

Believe us, a well-rounded person is no substitute for a robot. Many employers look not only at your job skills but also at how you talk and what you talk about. A standard CV won’t surprise anyone anymore, but your hobbies and knowledge in a variety of fields may “catch” them.

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