Family can't believe what they find when they cut open their sofa

This mom cut open the back of her sofa and was shocked at what she found: 13 years of lost items and children’s toys!

Kacie (@kacieandco) is a parent and TikToker who shares relatable and funny stories about her life as a mom. Kacie isn’t afraid to show the messy and sometimes embarrassing side of being a mom, and in a recent video she revealed how messy parenting can really be—literally. In the video, Kacie cuts open the back of her sofa and finds a giant pile of lost kids’ toys and other items!


When you go hunting for the remote and end up performing emergency surgery on your sofa… only to find the most dreadful abyss that is 13 years of raising children 🤢 ssendhelpkkidsaregrosslluckytheyrecutemomlife

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The video begins with a shot of Kacie sitting on the floor behind her couch. She is using a knife to slice open the very bottom of the couch, where the back meets the floor. 

In a caption, Kacie explains that she lost her remote control and, after searching everywhere, decided it must have somehow fallen into the back of the couch. She chose to cut the back of the couch open in order to retrieve the remote. 

Kacie continues to slice through the back of the couch until she reaches the opposite side. Then, she lifts up the fabric to look inside.

Immediately, toys, clothes, and bits of trash begin pouring out. Kacie’s jaw drops in surprise as she looks up at the camera. Then, one of Kacie’s kids runs into the frame and begins pulling his lost toys out from the couch. Kacie might be appalled by the mess, but her child is clearly just happy to have his toys back!

“When you go hunting for the remote and end up performing emergency surgery on your sofa, only to find the most dreadful abyss that is 13 years of raising children,” Kacie jokes.

Viewers were cracking up at Kacie’s couch surprise. 

“Wait, do a couch haul! What’s in there?” one viewer wrote. 

“Okay but the real secret is how did you keep the same couch for 13 years with kids?” another viewer asked. 

“I would have left it all there and acted like it didn’t exist,” joked another TikToker.   

Hopefully after all that work, Kacie found her remote control!

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