Sister Wives’ Kody Brown thinks it’s ‘inappropriate’ for daughter Truely, 13, to live with teen’s mom Christine & fiancé
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SISTER Wives’ Kody Brown has found it “inappropriate” for daughter Truely to live with his ex Christine and her fiancé, The U.S. Sun has exclusively learned.

Christine, 51, and Kody’s custody battle is heating up behind the scenes as the family’s patriarch has voiced his concerns over his 13-year-old daughter living in an unmarried couple’s home.

Kody Brown finds it 'inappropriate' that daughter Truely is living with Christine and her fiancé David Woolley, a source alleged to The U.S. Sun


Kody Brown finds it ‘inappropriate’ that daughter Truely is living with Christine and her fiancé David Woolley, a source alleged to The U.S. SunCredit: TLC
Christine and Kody have argued in the past over shared custody


Christine and Kody have argued in the past over shared custodyCredit: Instagram

A family insider exclusively claimed to The U.S. Sun: “It has been brought up several times by Kody, 54, that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for his daughter to be living in an unwed household.

“There have been conversations about how he’s uncomfortable with the fact alone that Christine and her fiancé are living together and not married.”

The source added that given the reality star’s past polygamous lifestyle, there can also be pressure for her to “get married quickly.”

The U.S. Sun first broke the news that Christine and David have a summer wedding date planned after getting engaged in April.

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Brewing behind the scenes is also a war between David and Kody, the source also claimed.

“David can’t stand Kody. He doesn’t appreciate the way that Kody treated Christine.

“He thinks he treated her terrible,” the insider noted.

“David’s really chivalrous to Christine and truly treats her like a queen.

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“He wines and dines her and takes her to nice restaurants.

“He brings her on trips to, like, Universal Studios and Disneyland because that’s where she always wanted desperately to go for family time but Kody never would go.”

The source continued: “All these things they are doing are things that she always wanted Kody to go and do and he never made time for.

“So she’s kind of reliving all the years of her failed marriage through David.”


Both David and Christine have flaunted their relationship on social media – ever since going public in February – and gushed how “blessed” they are to have one another.

There is no shortage of new memories they are creating together and, of course, sharing along with Sister Wives fans.

Fans have even suggested the mom of six was throwing subtle shade at her ex.

The source added: “A lot of their posts are digs at Kody. A lot of the stuff they’re doing is with intention. It’s really calculated.”

Not only does the father of 18 find it “inappropriate” about his daughter’s living situation, he also finds Truely’s relationship with her soon-to-be father-in-law “bothersome.”

A source previously told The U.S. Sun: “Kody seeing photos of his daughter with David is really bothersome to him. It’s triggering.

“Truely is a daddy’s girl and always was. The whole situation with Kody is heartbreaking.”


Christine and Kody last left off, per the show, disputing custody of their daughter as the Plexus ambassador prepared for her move from Arizona to Utah.

The TLC star made the move in the fall of 2021, shortly before publicly announcing her split from Kody.

Robyn Brown’s husband shared his point of view in an October 2022 episode.

“You can’t take her from me because we’ll have to have a shared custody. It’ll have to be 50/50.

“I’m going to have to be involved in Truely’s life. And you can’t actually stop me from being in her life.

“So I don’t know what your intention was with moving with her,” Kody said at the time.

During his confessional, Kody detailed his objections: “The whole issue is, from the beginning of this, she didn’t ask me if it was ok if she moved to Utah and took Truely.

“She just told me she was going to do it.”

In her own confessional, Christine exploded: “I find it ironic that now he wants to be involved in my kid’s lives. Now that I’m leaving.

“Now he wants 50/50 time with them? Well hell, he could have had 50/50 time with us the whole f**king time we lived here.

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“If he wanted 50/50 he should have been around more. He doesn’t get 50/50. He hasn’t been around enough for that.”

Christine has since moved into a brand-new $770K home with David and is renting out her former $1million Salt Lake City home.

During an October 2022 episode, Kody told Christine that she 'can't stop' him from being in his daughter's life


During an October 2022 episode, Kody told Christine that she ‘can’t stop’ him from being in his daughter’s lifeCredit: TLC
Christine has flaunted her child's relationship with her fiancé on social media


Christine has flaunted her child’s relationship with her fiancé on social mediaCredit: Instagram/christine_brownsw
Truely - pictured here being treated to a donut - appears to get along well with David


Truely – pictured here being treated to a donut – appears to get along well with DavidCredit: Instagram/christine_brownsw

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