Teen Mom stars have big reunion party at Briana DeJesus' Florida home- but fans spot 3 key cast members missing

TEEN Mom stars have put together a reunion celebration at Briana DeJesus’ Florida home without a few key cast members.

The star let fans in on the fun through her Instagram Feed, sharing photos and videos from the get-together.

The Teen Mom cast gathered for a boozy dinner together


The Teen Mom cast gathered for a boozy dinner togetherCredit: INSTAGRAM/_brianadejesus
Even Briana's ex, Devoin Austin, was present


Even Briana’s ex, Devoin Austin, was presentCredit: INSTAGRAM/_brianadejesus
Fans noticed that several key cast members were missing however


Fans noticed that several key cast members were missing howeverCredit: MTV

Briana, 28, took a snap of herself and several other members of the Teen Mom cast.

Jade Cline and her fiancé Sean Austin; Cheyenne Floyd and her husband Zach Davis; Briana’s ex Devoin Austin; and her sister Brittany DeJesus were present.

In the first photo in the bunch, the group posed at a table set up next to a pool.

Everyone had red Solo cups in front of them, and some had alcoholic beverages.

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A second slide showed a video of Briana getting sake shot into her mouth through a water gun.

She drank as long as she could, stopping when her mouth was full.

In a third clip, she showed guests getting food tossed into their mouths by a hibachi chef.

Briana, Devoin, Cheyenne, and Sean were all smiles in the clip, laughing and joking around.

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In a final video, Briana’s baby daddy took a turn playing chef, at which point things went terribly wrong.

Fans got a glimpse of camera crews behind the cast, suggesting that the get-together will be filmed for Teen Mom.

It also shows that Devoin has decided to return, despite his past harsh criticisms of MTV and the crew.

Briana captioned the post: “Thank you @Hibachiomakase !! Hanging out together is always a good time! Love my friends and family so much!”

Teen Mom fans were quick to point out that a few key cast members– namely Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout – appeared to be absent.

The entire cast, save Ashley Jones, was thought to be on good terms prior to the Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Briana and her mother, Roxanne, got into a physical fight with Ashley and her mother, Tea.

It’s unclear if there’s bad blood between Briana and any of the other cast members as a result of the fight or the subsequent fallout.

Catelynn’s mom, April, appeared to side with Ashley’s mom during the altercation.

Briana has not spoken out about that.


This isn’t the only cast party Briana and her costars have enjoyed as of late.

In fact, just days earlier they celebrated with a wild boozy bash.

In one Instagram snap, Jade, 25, matched pink tees with Brianna – the latter posed with a kissy face at the camera.

In another Instagram Story shared by Briana, the group played flip-cup as loud rap music could be heard.

Jade’s fiancé, Sean, 29, played too as did Briana’s baby daddy Devoin Austin, 30.

It appeared to be a continuation of the boozy hibachi dinner that started earlier that night.


Though the Teen Mom stars seemed to enjoy the fun-filled afternoon, some fans weren’t pleased to see the cast spending time with Briana.

“Bri, Roxy, Ashley and Tea were all kinds of wrong in this situation but I’m dumbfounded as to why The Girls defended Roxy and Bri. Seriously. Dumbfounded. What am I missing here? Please enlighten me. Because I’m lost,” one person wrote on the earlier snaps.

“I consider myself to be a loyal friend, but I would be calling any one of my friends out if they were acting foolish. It’s just baffling to me,” another remarked.

“None of these women deserve to be defended. They were all completely out of line,” a third agreed.

“MTV have certainly edited it to emphasize that Bri/Rox started the argument. Why the rest of them hate Ash/tea and treat Bri/Roxie like innocent angels is beyond me,” a fourth added.

“They don’t have to defend [Ashley], but there was no reason to defend Briana either,” chimed in one more.


Briana and her mom, Roxanne, were axed from the spinoff after a shocking brawl with Ashley Jones and her mom, Tea.

The reality star and her mom were sent packing after the physical altercation was caught on camera – Briana threw a glass bottle while Ashley spat at her.

During the episode, Briana and her mom, Roxanne, sat down with Teen Mom: Family Reunion host Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, also known as Coach B, following the altercation.

The mom of two had been adamant that she did not want to leave.

She maintained that was merely protecting herself and her mom in the incident.

Meanwhile, Ashley and her mother decided to leave the show after the explosion of drama.

The pair also had a sit down with Coach B, during which they expressed little remorse.

While Tea confessed that things could have been handled differently, Ashley stated: “The alternative to my spit was my fist.

“I regret that all I did was spit on her after they came for my mama.”

She ultimately decided that she was “ready to go home,” adding: “None of this feels right to me.”

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Fans have largely sided with Ashley calling Briana’s provocation “BS.”

An MTV staffer told Briana that throwing the bottle could “have caused serious, serious injury.”

Cheyenne Floyd came with her husband Zach Davis while Jade Cline and Sean Austin came together


Cheyenne Floyd came with her husband Zach Davis while Jade Cline and Sean Austin came togetherCredit: INSTAGRAM/_brianadejesus
They took shots from a water gun during the meal


They took shots from a water gun during the mealCredit: INSTAGRAM/_brianadejesus
Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout were missing


Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout were missingCredit: INSTAGRAM/_brianadejesus

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