Wheel of Fortune fans in shock as players botch puzzle & can't name famous comic in awkward celebrity spinoff moment

THE three celebrities battling it out on Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune were badly embarrassed when they couldn’t come up with the name of a famous, award winning actor.

Smart viewers online called the celebs out for what should have been an easy answer.

Comedians Paul Scheer, Luenell, and Mary Lynn Rajskub couldn't solve


Comedians Paul Scheer, Luenell, and Mary Lynn Rajskub couldn’t solveCredit: ABC
Host Pat Sajak could hardly believe the trouble the contestants were having


Host Pat Sajak could hardly believe the trouble the contestants were havingCredit: ABC

The category was before and after, where two different subjects are linked by a common word.

In this case, comedians Paul Scheer, Luenell, and Mary Lynn Rajskub had nearly completed the puzzle, with only one letter left.

The big board read: “Electric Bill (-)ader” making the missing letter an H, for former Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader.

Sadly, the contestants remained clueless.

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak reacts to celebrity's jaw-dropping new nickname
Wheel of Fortune fans claim show wanted player to lose as host Pat Sajak apologizes

First, Paul spun the wheel, as host Pat Sajak implored: “Use your time to think. Look at letters.”

Paul guessed an “L”, which not only was wrong, but was also called out earlier.

Luenell was up next, but she failed to even offer a guess.

Pat then turned to a baffled Mary Lynn, asking her what she wanted to do.

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Timidly, the former 24 star replied: “I guess solve it?” before wrongly guessing “Electric Bill…Vader?”


As control went back to Paul, Mary Lynn yelled out: “Nobody knows who this is!”

Paul was saved from further embarrassment, when he landed on “Lose a Turn.”

He did not seem disappointed.

Finally, Luenell stumbled upon the answer, guessing “Electric Bill…Hader?” without realizing she was correct.

Even after the puzzle, Mary Lynn remained befuddled.

“I still don’t get it,” she confessed.


Pat then saved the day, explaining the puzzle: “Electric Bill – Bill Hader.”

Online, fans felt bad for the Barry star.

“Awww, it’s ok, Bill Hader,” one person tweeted. “I know who you are.”

Another added: “Them not getting Bill Hader hurts my soul.”

While one person lashed out at the celebrities: “Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe this moment. Not getting it was bad enough, but then not recognizing the name BILL F’N HADER!!”


This is the third season of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

According to the official synopsis the show,”welcomes celebrity contestants to come spin the world’s most famous wheel and solve word puzzles for a chance to win up to one million dollars.”

All of the money won by the celebrity contestants goes to a charity of their choice.

On October 17, 2021, actress Melissa Joan Hart made history when she won the top $1million prize.

After solving the bonus puzzle, it was revealed Hart became just the fourth person in franchise history to win the prize.

Her earnings were donated to charity, Youth Villages.

“They serve families and children across 23 different states in every kind of level, going through foster care and aging out of foster care especially,” said Hart.

Poor Bill Hader


Poor Bill HaderCredit: Getty
Finally, comedian Luenell guessed the correct answer


Finally, comedian Luenell guessed the correct answerCredit: ABC
But she was still confused by the category


But she was still confused by the categoryCredit: ABC

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