Fiona Phillips Health Update: Fiona Phillips Alzheimer Diagnosis Battle
Fiona Phillips Health Update: Fiona Phillips Alzheimer Diagnosis Battle
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Fiona Phillips Health Update: Fiona Phillips Alzheimer Diagnosis Battle. Fiona, 62, shares a heartbreaking update on World Alzheimer’s Day.


Fiona Phillips Health Update: Fiona Phillips Alzheimer Diagnosis Battle


FIONA Phillips provided an upsetting health report following the discovery of her Alzheimer’s disease.

The former ITV Breakfast host wants to continue spreading awareness two months after she first revealed her condition.

On World Alzheimer’s Day, Fiona, 62, talked about her progress with the condition.

But even months after she first broke the news, the celebrity still appears to have trouble processing it.

I’m not letting it destroy things, she said, according to The Mirror. I’m just getting by as best I can.

I usually talk about it in terms of my mother and father having it, so when I talk about it, I find it difficult to believe I’m talking about myself.

My entire family has been wiped out by it. I’m not sure if the medications are having any effect.

I doubt that anyone would suspect that I have a problem, but who knows? They’d they?

However, as her life appears to alter, she also disclosed more about her development and her outlook moving forward.

She tried to tell the outlet how her son is taking care of her, but she quickly stopped talking.

“Oh, er, oh, it’s awful, but I keep having these moments where I think, ‘What’s the word?'” she remarked after a brief pause. Just infrequently does it happen; it doesn’t happen frequently.

And I’m not at all like that. Normally, I have enough to say until Christmas. It just seems strange when it does because I find myself wondering why my mouth has stopped while I’m still considering the statement. It’s pretty strange.

Clinical studies for a new medicine are still being conducted on the former GMTV presenter in the hopes that they may either stabilize or cure the disease.

Doctors at London’s University College Hospital keep a close eye on the celebrity while she takes cognitive tests.

Due to the essential method for the large-scale experiment, it is likely that she is taking a placebo, which neither she nor the specialists are aware of.

So that data from the drug test participants can be properly compared, this must remain top-secret.

Fiona acknowledged that she and her husband Martin Frizell continue to be highly involved.

Yes, Martin continues to poke me three times every day with these tiny needles laced with narcotics, she chuckled.

“I believe he will be disappointed if it ends and he is no longer able to do it. He’s been outstanding.

Martin, the editor of ITV’s This Morning, has also stepped up helping with home chores since her diagnosis, she also acknowledged.

Fiona claims that one of the things that has happened to me is that I no longer enjoy cooking or eating.

“I used to appreciate that, but now Martin cooks when he comes home from work. I do feel a little bad since it puts him under even more stress, but I just don’t care.

“There are days when I just don’t have the energy to accomplish anything. I suppose that part of my malaise is caused by this.

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