Good Omens Season 2 Poster Cropped Michael Sheen and David Tennant
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Other Sneaky Details Hint At New Characters, Locations, Foes and Even Disguises

Everywhere you look, the series two opening credits hint at more plot details, and while the series one intro did reveal plenty about the plot, nothing is guaranteed – as evidenced by a van-full of [red] herrings popping up in the new title sequence.

But details noticed so far include giant spiders, a Stairway to Heaven poster, potentially Moses (or Jesus) and both the sound and appearance of goats which then burst into flames. Aziraphale and Crowley are seen dancing in space by a plane marked with ‘The Kingdom Airways’, and there are signs for The Ladies of Camelot, Wings For Victory and “the parousia” (a Greek term for ‘a coming’ or ‘a presence’).

We already know that both former satanic nuns Maggie Service and Nina Sosanya are returning to Good Omens as new characters – running a record store and coffee shop called “Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death”, respectively, nearby to Aziraphale’s bookshop – and we see the coffee shop and a mountain of records in the new credits:

We also discovered last year that Quelin Sepulveda will play a new angel called Muriel, sent to spy on Aziraphale and Crowley, and her distinctive white policeman costume was spotted, as well as a sneaky angel figure keeping an eye on them through a window:

Some fans also theorised they’d spotted Crowley and Aziraphale disguised as an old woman and a lamp:

The Opening And Closing Credits Will Change Every Episode

The designer of the title sequence, Peter Anderson, has confirmed the cinema scene in the intro will change each week to suit the episode, and Gaiman also told fans the closing title music would be different – and “remarkable” – each time:

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