Where Was Netflix's War Drama Filmed And Why Is That So Important?
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It’s no secret that Prague has been the site of film productions for movies such as “Blood Red Sky,” “All Quiet on the Western Front,” and “Extraction.” But when it comes to “Blood & Gold,” a work of historical fiction about a last stand against the Nazis towards the end of the war, the shooting location became much more significant because of the real-life event known as “The Prague Uprising of 1945.”

On May 5, 1945, the uprising began when Czech police officers assaulted SS troops in a radio station, leading broadcasters to call upon citizens to rise up against their Nazi oppressors. By the end of the day, resistance members had taken back most of the city. The following day, the Nazis hit hard against the fortified town by bombing the resistance strongholds, but the people of Prague didn’t give up. On May 7, even though the Nazis surrendered, the Germans laid down a brutal attack that devastated the resistance. Germany recaptured the city the next day after an air raid and infantry blitz. But on May 9, the Nazis left, and the Soviet Red Army arrived to lay waste to any remaining German soldiers, marking a victory for the people of the Czech Republic who would not go quietly into the night.

The ordeal was a testament to the heroism and bravery of the people of the Czech Republic, and while it may not go down as the best World War II movie of all time, the core message of “Blood & Gore” reflects the resilient story of those that chose not to submit to evil. 

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