Liz Mcllree had to take drastic steps to get a guest out of her home
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AN Airbnb host has revealed the lengths she had to go to to get her guest out of her home.

Liz Mcllree claims she spent almost two months trying to get her Airbnb in Nebraska back after her guest refused to leave.

Liz Mcllree had to take drastic steps to get a guest out of her home

Liz Mcllree had to take drastic steps to get a guest out of her homeCredit: 6 News WOWT
Airbnb guests had stayed in Liz Mcllree's $1million home and did not pay a dime

Airbnb guests had stayed in Liz Mcllree’s $1million home and did not pay a dimeCredit: 6 News WOWT

Liz McIlree claimed her house guest, Roberto Arcadu never paid a dime while staying in her million-dollar Airbnb.

“I said, ‘We really can’t let you stay here if you aren’t going to pay,’” McIlree told local NBC affiliate WOWT-TV.

“Yet he continued to stay. That’s where it’s a bit fuzzy with the landlord-tenant law, you can’t really kick them out until you go through the eviction process, yet he wasn’t a tenant but a guest.”

She had to take drastic measures to get her former guest out of her home, including putting Arcadu’s belongings in the garage, getting new locks, and chaining the garage code, the news station later revealed.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Arcadu had a bad run-in with an Airbnb host.

Arcadu had booked to stay at Patti and David North’s townhouse for a week, but things soon took a drastic turn.

“He’s a guest who is no longer welcome,” Patti told the local station.

Arcadu asked to extend his visit and even gave David plenty of excuses.

“He had sick family in town — he was here for that. He’s moving here, so he’s trying to purchase a house. Those types of stories,” David said.

“Yeah, we’ll help you out you just continue to pay.”

When Arcadu stopped paying on October 18, Patti called the police and reported him and his family for trespassing, but they ran into the same issues as McIlree.

“The officer said the rules on Airbnb are fuzzy,”Patti explained.

Patti and David had to take the issue to Douglas County Court, where it was revealed that the Arcadu family was not protected by landlord-tenant laws.

They would owe Patti and David $6,000 for unpaid weekly rent and lost bookings.

It would be revealed that Arcadu allegedly already owed $130,000 in rent and lease fees over two years, according to court actions retrieved by the local station.

An attorney for the Norths claim that they plan to take the evidence to a criminal prosecutor.

“He knows how to game the system and stay in a property and not pay rent,” attorney Michael Polk said.

Arcadu denied the allegations and claimed, “It’s no scheme” when he was approached outside of the court.

“He’s not going to talk to a news organization,” his attorney said. ” No thank you.”

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