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We’re here to give you the most recent details on Anupama, the most well-known television programming. Anupama has provided a textual update for this article as of September 22, 2023. Anupama was informed by Anuj at the beginning of the most recent episode that this topic and matter must come to an immediate conclusion and that it is finished. You have said what you wanted to say, Anupama says, and she requests a single hearing. She informs you that you are in the correct position, and she promises that you will be able to discern whether and how much she is mistaken.


Anupama 23 September 2023

Malti Devi, a woman with goals and aspirations, requests Anuj’s permission to speak. When Choti Anu accepts, Pakhi brings her inside. Malti Devi tells the tale of how she was raised in a modest home but had high goals that she fought hard to achieve. She was married to a clerk who didn’t encourage her to pursue her aspirations and couldn’t understand them. According to Malti Devi, a lady should pick her mother’s love whereas a guy should select his dreams if he is ambitious and passionate. She made the decision to pursue her aspirations after having her kid, putting motherly love ahead of her child. She sent her daughter to live in an orphanage after leaving her husband and family behind to move to America.

Anuj maintains her decision to follow her aspirations and claims that society didn’t encourage her to do so. He draws an analogy between this and Jhansi ki Rani, in which working mothers don’t abandon their kids. Anupama thinks Anuj is correct; she should follow her aspirations, not forsake her children in pursuit of them. Anuj tells Malti Devi that she will never be recognized as her mother and begs her to leave the orphanage because she misses him. Malti Devi is restrained and made to sit by Anupama and Adhik.

Then, Anuj presses Malti Devi to calm down and explains why she left her child. Anupama and Barkha both wonder how a mother could be self-centred. Kavya visits Anupama, who is distraught about the circumstances, and warns her about the effects on their mother-son bond. With tears streaming down her face, Choti Anu clings to Anu as she expresses her displeasure and acknowledges that she is free to cry if she so chooses. The precap states that Dimpy is feeling sick. If you’re okay, Kinjal asks. Malti Devi is asked to take tea by Babu ji. Observing Malti Devi at her home makes Baa furious. Anuj informs Anupama that since this is your first visit to his home, tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and the day is significant for him.

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