Drones have been used to attack a military plant in Iran, with Iranian news agencies reporting a loud blast and showing a flash of light at what was said to be an ammunition factory.

Emergency vehicles and fire trucks were shown at the plant in central Isfahan province. It comes amid tensions over Iran’s nuclear programme, as well as the supply of Shahed drones to Russia that have been used in the war against Ukraine.

Some reports said several facilities were hit around Iran within a period of a few hours. The Guardian was unable to confirm those reports, but Iran’s IRNA news agency reported a fire at an oil refinery in the northern city of Tabriz, saying one person was injured. It did not say what caused the fire or if it was related to the incident in Isfahan.

Iran’s defence ministry claimed the drone attack was “unsuccessful”, with one drone shot down by air defence and two blowing up when they were “caught in defence traps”. There was “minor damage to the workshop’s roof”.

The deputy governor of Isfahan province, Mohammad Reza Jan-Nesari, said on television there had been “no casualties” from the attack there, adding that “the cause of the incident is under investigation.”

Authorities did not elaborate on the activities at the targeted site, north of the city of Isfahan.

Iran has several known nuclear research sites in the region, including a uranium conversion plant.

There have been a number of explosions and fires around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities in the past few years.

In July, Iran said it had arrested a sabotage team made up of Kurdish militants working for Israel who planned to blow up a “sensitive” defence industry centre in Isfahan.

Israel has long threatened military action against Iran if indirect talks between Washington and Tehran fail to salvage a 2015 nuclear pact. Israel says Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran denies this.

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