Can you spot the five figgy puddings in 10 seconds? Go!
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CHRISTMAS shoppers were caught in action while getting some groceries at the supermarket and five figgy puddings have snuck their way into the store – can you spot them?

If you can spot the five figgy puddings in under 10 seconds hidden among the Christmas shoppers you may have pristine vision. 

Can you spot the five figgy puddings in 10 seconds? Go!

Can you spot the five figgy puddings in 10 seconds? Go!Credit: ThreadSpy

You’ll need to think fast to tackle this brain teaser.

The brain teaser was created by price comparison website Threadspy.

The traditional Christmas snack may be hard to spot at first, but if you look closely you’ll be able to pinpoint them. 

You may accidentally confuse the figgy puddings in the image with the cinnamon rolls that are also spread out in the supermarket.

But don’t fall for it, you’re getting close. 

However, the figgy puddings are disguised well in the image with some placed right next to other objects that are a similar size. 

Each figgy pudding is hidden in a unique spot, that you may not expect to find the holiday dish in plain sight. 

Here is a clue – the figgy puddings are brown with white frosting and a holly berry on top. 

Figgy pudding is usually made of figs, nuts, dried fruits, and honey. 

The Christmas dish has a spicey and crumbly taste.

But don’t get distracted thinking about eating figgy pudding, you only have 10 seconds!

Here is another clue – two figgy puddings are in the front of the image while three of them are in the back.

Did you find the figgy puddings yet?

If you didn’t, don’t worry there are a few more clues.

One woman had such a taste for the hidden figgy puddings that she had to take one for herself in her shopping cart.

Three other figgy puddings can be found on shelves or next to the milk.

The last figgy pudding is on the floor in a dish.

Here are the answers to the brain teaser - did you pass the test?

Here are the answers to the brain teaser – did you pass the test?Credit: ThreadSpy

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