A Walmart customer has shared her anger at having to show her receipt
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A CUSTOMER has revealed how she plans to respond to Walmart employees when they ask for her receipt upon exiting the store.

Dawn Marie is a TikToker who casually uses the app and most recently posted a video to express her frustration with Walmart’s anti-theft receipt checking policy.

A Walmart customer has shared her anger at having to show her receipt

A Walmart customer has shared her anger at having to show her receiptCredit: TikTok/onceremembered
TikTok user Dawn Marie shared the video

TikTok user Dawn Marie shared the videoCredit: TikTok/onceremembered
Walmart often asks for receipts as an anti-theft measure

Walmart often asks for receipts as an anti-theft measureCredit: Getty

“Ok so I just got out of Walmart and I’m so p***ed off right now,” she began.

“Because I’m so freaking tired of them asking for my receipts. Every single time,” she further explained.

Marie explained that this occurs after she knows they have watched her go through the cashing out process, but still insist on reviewing the receipt.

Now, she has a plan on how to respond and act when an employee requests to see proof of payment.

“So the next time we are going to videotape it, and I’m not showing,” explained Marie.

Her viewers were supportive, explaining their tips and knowledge.

“You do not have to provide your receipt when they ask. And, they cannot stop you from leaving either,” commented one person.

“I smile and say no thank you. If they press me, I let them know I’m ready to stand my ground,” added another.

One person shared their own experience that stopped them from providing their receipts at the door.

“I stop showing when I paid by my phone and they grabbed my phone from me to check. Yeap I’m done,” they explained.

Walmart did not immediately respond to request for comment by the U.S. Sun.

‘I have a lot to say about Walmart’

Recently, a lawyer has come forward to speak about Walmart’s overly proactive approach to shoplifting.

Maverick Ray has taken to TikTok to educate the general public on legal topics, and has called. outWalmart specifically.

“I have a lot to say about Walmart,” began Ray.

“They lose a ton of money. A ton of money every year to shoplifters.”

The lawyer then launched into how the retailer handles these losses.

“But because of that they’re about tackling you before you leave that store,” he said.

One of his clients was taken into the back room and accused of theft just for parking her cart near the exit while going to grab her forgotten wallet out of her vehicle.

“Walmart, man I would love to sue them. They always are falsely arresting people,” concluded the attorney.

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