The Tories must persist with Rishi Sunak's new Migrant Bill or hand Sir Keir Starmer the keys to Downing Street
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Stop digging

THE Tories are in a hole on Rwanda.

What they mustn’t do now is start mindlessly digging.

The Tories must persist with Rishi Sunak's new Migrant Bill or hand Sir Keir Starmer the keys to Downing Street

The Tories must persist with Rishi Sunak’s new Migrant Bill or hand Sir Keir Starmer the keys to Downing StreetCredit: Getty

Rishi Sunak’s Bill has to be passed by MPs.

It is senseless to tear it — and each other — to shreds when it comes before the Commons next week.

No doubt, there are flaws in it.

Chief among them the apparent remaining opportunity for migrants and their crusading left-wing lawyers to still appeal under human rights laws.

Pulling out of the ECHR on migration issues would have cut this avenue off.

The Prime Minister has chosen not to do so to ensure the Rwandan government doesn’t withdraw from the scheme.

While this may not be ideal, his plan remains the only one on the table to tackle illegal migration.

Moderate Tories don’t have one and neither do Labour.

Nothing sinks the heart more than the sight of the rump of diehard European Research Group right-wingers reforming their “Star Chamber”.

It’s like unwanted ghosts from Christmas psychodramas past.

In 2019 they backed Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan despite reservations.

They knew it wasn’t perfect but, eventually, saw the wider pictureand by relenting helped Boris to a thumping General Election victory.

The Conservative Party now finds itself in similar territory: a single issue dominating Parliament that must be resolved for the good of the country.

Tories on both wings must give the PM the chance to make his new laws work.

Over the weekend they must choose.

Bring down this Bill and help hand Sir Keir Starmer the keys to Number Ten.

Or support it as the only hope of stopping the boats.

Dire education

WOKE university chiefs are so worried about upsetting minorities they won’t even play the National Anthem at graduation ceremonies.

If only they extended the same concern for another minority in this country — Jews.

Anti-Semitism in our higher education colleges is disturbingly widespread.

So much so that one professor felt safe enough to shockingly tweet a “joke” that a Jewish Labour Movement meeting should be “blown up”.

It is inconceivable that black or Asian students would be targeted in this way.

Why the rank double standards?

Hans down

NO wonder the Germans are ranked the second most miserable in Europe.

Recession, social unrest caused by massive immigration.

Even the lights may go out.

It’s not as if they can look forward to the Euros in the summer either.

Because we’re going to win that. Obviously.

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