Trans Violence And Threats Are On The Rise

Last Updated on March 28, 2023


Monday’s shooting at Covenant School is the latest example of tranny violence gripping the United States of America. National File previously reported on a trans activist assaulting an Oklahoma State Lawmaker and a police officer at the Oklahoma State Capitol. A Trans activist recently released a video encouraging violence. Antifa has also been attending and assaulting protesters at Drag Queen Story Hour for kids.

Following Monday’s shooting at Covenant School, Americans became concerned about a video created by a trans individual named Kayla Danker. In the video, Kayla is holding a gun and threatening violence if trans individuals are not granted their demands.

Danker also has a Youtube account. Kayla’s Youtube account contains videos about gun equipment, praising communism and Karla Marx. Danker also has a GoFundme where he is raising money to get surgery to remove his atoms apple and private parts. In the past GoFundme has sighted “violence” as reasoning for removing accounts associated with Kyle Rittenhouse and the Canada Freedom Truckers. However, GoFundme has yet to terminate Kayla Danker’s account.

The Twitter account @OurrightsDC which has shared past information about “mostly peaceful protests” attended by Antifa, recently tweeted an image that read ” Trans Day of Violence at SCOUTS April 1st wear a mask.”

National File recently reported on trans activists assaulting Oklahoma State lawmakers and police officers at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The Oklahoma House of Representatives has censured a Democrat Oklahoma lawmaker for allowing the trans activist to hide from law enforcement in her office following the assault.

Videos have been posted throughout 2022 and 2023 showing Antifa working with Trans Activists to assault law enforcement and people protesting Drag Queen Story Hour with kids. Additionally, videos show Antifa members heavily armed in most of these cases.


Joe Biden has said many times political violence is never ok, period. Yet the Biden Administration has remained silent on the rising political violence committed by trans individuals and their Antifa allies.

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