Tyler Doyle with his wife Lakelyn Doyle
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THE SEARCH for a missing South Carolina duck hunter started in January 2023 and has since crossed state lines.

Authorities have been searching by land, air, and sea in hopes of providing his family with answers about the missing man.

Tyler Doyle with his wife Lakelyn Doyle

Tyler Doyle with his wife Lakelyn DoyleCredit: Facebook

Who is Tyler Doyle?

Tyler Doyle is a 22-year-old South Carolina duck hunter.

Known around town as “The Loris Slayer,” he is also an avid race car fan.

He often races his No. 3 street stock car at the local speedway, according to The Sun News.

When Tyler is not on the water, or behind the wheel, he can be found at home, spending time with his wife, Lakelyn Chestnut Doyle.

Four months after his disappearance, Lakelyn gave birth to their first child in April 2023.

When did Tyler Doyle go missing?

Tyler was out on his 16-foot jon boat near North Myrtle Beach on January 26, 2023, when he fell overboard, according to Fox News.

His younger brother, Reed Doyle, then explained in a TikTok video that he had just dropped a friend off at a nearby pier.

His boat then collided with waves, causing him to lose balance and fall, according to Reed.

“The waves took over the back of the boat and took Tyler with them,” Reed said in the video.

“Now we’ve been searching for this long now, and it’s frustrating, not knowing where he is, not knowing what to do.”

At this time, Tyler is still considered a missing person.

But according to online updates, the family believes that they have found some of his belongings.

Those items include decoy ducks, his wallet with money, and a South Carolina driver’s license.

The State Law Enforcement Division joined the investigation on December 6, 2023, almost 11 months after the disappearance.

Tyler’s aunt Shay Boyd called the Department of Natural Resources asking if SLED could assist with the case.

“I’ll be honest — I raised hell,” Boyd said to The Post and Courier. “I didn’t think it was ever going to happen.”

Tyler Doyle has been missing since January 26, 2023

Tyler Doyle has been missing since January 26, 2023Credit: Oak Island Water Rescue

What has been said about Tyler Doyle’s disappearance?

Since the news of Tyler’s disappearance went viral, there have been rumors floating around the internet about what really happened.

However, Reed has been fighting back by posting TikToks about what he knows.

“Tyler Doyle was my brother,” he said. “We have been out here for 10 days looking.”

“Everybody’s searching, you know, and we’re trying to figure everything out.”

“The people out here that are keyboard warriors and wanting to talk s*** over Facebook or TikTok and just want to piece things together as they see it, you know you guys are not helping the cause.”

Reed then went on to list a play-by-play of the facts as he knows them.

He added, “I know the truth and take it how you want to, my brother is not a villain, my brother’s not anything, not a criminal.”

“He’s the most genuine, kindhearted person you’ll ever meet.”

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