Screenshots of Destiny's comments on Discord were shared online
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DESTINY, a prominent YouTube live-streamer and political commentator, is married to Melina Goransson, who streams on Twitch.

Here we take a look at the couple and why ‘Destiny divorce’ is trending.

Screenshots of Destiny's comments on Discord were shared online

Screenshots of Destiny’s comments on Discord were shared online

Who is Youtuber Destiny?

Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, 34, known to the streaming community as Destiny, is also a popular streamer on YouTube and Discord — an app that allows you to create your own platform for either a private or group chat, and is used by millions of people around the world.

Destiny married his wife, Swedish internet personality Melina Goransson, in 2021.

The streamer has come under fire for joking about suicide online.

On December 7, 2023, Destiny retweeted a video on X, formerly Twitter, with the caption: “how 2 talk to swedish girls.”

In the video, a man introduces himself to a woman.

He then says to her: “If you don’t give me your number, I’m gonna take my own life.”

The woman then appears to be uncomfortable before the video ends.

Who is his wife and Twitch streamer Melina Goransson?

Melina Goransson, 25, is an internet personality from Sweden.

Melina has been known to stream on Twitch, broadcasting content about pools, hot tubs and beaches.

Destiny, meanwhile, was banned from Twitch in 2021 for leaking an employee’s email following a data leak that affected the streaming platform.

He confirmed that the ban became permanent in 2022.

Destiny spoke on a podcast in November 2023 about attending a “five-hour therapy session” with Melina.

“I had issues that I needed to have resolved like pretty quickly because s**t was getting a little out of control in my personal life,” he said.

He also mentioned that he had asked for one long session due to Melina being “in and out of the country.”

Why is ‘Destiny divorce’ trending?

In December 2023 screenshots appeared online alleging that Destiny’s wife left him for another man — who has threatened to kill himself.

The divorce rumors started after people on social media discovered that Destiny seemingly unfollowed or blocked his wife Melina on a number of platforms.

Destiny allegedly confirmed the split in a chat on Discord, though neither he nor Melina have publicly addressed the rumors.

In screenshots posted on social media Destiny allegedly called the last few weeks and months a “massive mindf**k.”

Destiny claimed he has witnessed Melina “become obsessed with a toxic/abusive guy.”

“When I visited Sweden last, he gave Mel an ultimatum to divorce me and then threatened to kill himself when she didn’t do it, among 20 other abusive/manipulative things he’s done,” Destiny continued.

“I’m out.”

The couple has spoken candidly about their open relationship.

In an episode of the Lex Fridman Podcast, Melina said: “The only relationships I’ve ever done have been open relationships since I was, like, in high school because I didn’t really understand like why wouldn’t you be able to, like, do other things with other people but then just like have your main partner, basically.”

Destiny has also previously said on a podcast that the couple had “long-term friends, some of them we hook up with.”

“It’s a delicate dance that explodes every six months.”

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