Silence is a world-first superyacht that can sail without a sound for eight hours
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MEET the world-first silent superyacht, capable of stealth missions on the sea that James Bond could only fantasise about – if it weren’t for its impressive 253ft size.

The Florida-based designer Kurt Strand has finally unveiled his aptly dubbed creation Silence, an electric superyacht that rivals its fuel-based counterparts in every way.

Silence is a world-first superyacht that can sail without a sound for eight hours

Silence is a world-first superyacht that can sail without a sound for eight hoursCredit: Kurt Strand Design
The Scandinavian-designed interior aims to anchor you in nature

The Scandinavian-designed interior aims to anchor you in natureCredit: Kurt Strand Design
The sun deck features an outdoor cinema, firepit and plenty of seating space

The sun deck features an outdoor cinema, firepit and plenty of seating spaceCredit: Kurt Strand Design

When in electric mode it can cruise for an average of eight hours in total silence, even if you yank it up to its top speed of 26 knots – a whopping 20 knots faster than the average yacht.

Kurt, the designer of this masterpiece of a boat, told The Sun that the boat has been designed to provide the owner with “the ultimate luxury”.

He explained:  “You get the same feeling in a sailing yacht but then you need the wind and sailing vessel leans over when sailing. The Silence yacht will give you the feeling of being in a floating mansion.”

Silence comes installed with a helipad, outdoor cinema, storage areas for six jet skis, and far more.

The sun deck has been envisioned as the main entertainment area, and alongside the outdoor cinema it comes with a jacuzzi, plenty of sofa space, and a firepit.

While the helipad space on the foredeck has also been designed to double as a second entertainment area – offering even more space to party or catch some sun rays.

Yet, the aim of the boat remains centred on being as environmentally friendly and natural as possible.

Kurt explained that his childhood in Northern Norway was filled with nature, deep fjords, midnight sun in the summers and nordic light in the winters inspired his creation.

He said: “I wanted to create a yacht where you get something of the same feeling. Of silence and relaxed living.

“My goal is to blend luxury and be as environment friendly as possible using as much natural materials as possible to avoid any ‘plastic’ feeling.

“It’s the essence of Scandinavian lifestyle and Acoya Design House created the fantastic minimalistic interior.”

The Kurt Strand design team collaborated with the Scandinavian interior design company Acoya Design House to bring you a boat that is wholly “anchored in nature”.

Arcoya Design House founder, Anja Carlsson said: “Going forward we will see more of the pared-back yacht interiors to counterbalance today’s busy lifestyles and cluttered environment.”

The vessel’s four floors feature Scandinavian minimalism and a subtle colour palette for a cleaner, well-polished finish.

It has can accommodate up to 14 people in its seven spacious cabins, plus 20 crew members.

The upper deck is reserved almost entirely for the owner’s cabin – which comes with a private jacuzzi and sunbathing area.

The extraordinary vessel also offers a 14-person dining area complete with full-length panoramic windows to create “a strong connection to the environment”.

Arcoya Design House’s decor has heavily involved greenery, organic shapes and a mix of natural materials like wood.

All of which compliments the elegant crisp-white exterior and low profile that Kurt conceptualised.

Kurt explained that his new superyacht stands apart in the increasingly saturated industry of yachting through its minimalism.

He said: “With most new yachts I have the feeling like it’s over the top and trying in every detail being spectacular.

“With this yacht design we focus on a relaxed lifestyle.

“It’s not a extreme contemporary design It’s a timeless design that will last for many decades.”

This world-first will cost potential buyers $160 million, and it has several of the most famous yacht builders in Germany and Holland ready to begin production on it.

This American-Scandinavian breakthrough in the world of superyachts comes against the latest gigayacht concept, created by designer Chulhun Park and sponsored by Palmer Johnson Yachts.

The 751ft beast is due to set back buyers by $460 million, and looks like something out of a futuristic science-fiction film.

Chulhun Park claims to have taken inspiration from deconstructivism, an architectural movement that favours warped shapes over what is conventional.

He said: “Having seen too many conventional white yachts, which were vertically stacked like wedding cakes, I was determined to design a visually unique yacht which would stand out from a fleet.

“I was interested in manipulating a structure’s surface to create non-rectilinear shapes, which appear to distort and dislocate elements of shape.”

The extraordinary vessel comes complete with its own helipad

The extraordinary vessel comes complete with its own helipadCredit: Kurt Strand Design
The owner's cabin features a private jacuzzi and sunbathing area

The owner’s cabin features a private jacuzzi and sunbathing areaCredit: Kurt Strand Design
The Scandinavian interior designers have ensured that the boat feels as connected to nature as possible

The Scandinavian interior designers have ensured that the boat feels as connected to nature as possibleCredit: Kurt Strand Design

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