Melissa McCarthy went on a ridiculous diet after landing a role in Gilmore Girls, which she claims she will never go back to! “Half the time, I feel starving and insane,” she remarked.

Melissa chose a low-carb diet since it appeared to work for her.

Scrambled eggs with 1 ounce of high-quality lean protein (chicken or turkey breast) + 1 glass of green smoothie with kale, spinach, parsley, chia seeds, and almond milk for breakfast.

Healthy fats can be found in chia seeds, avocado, and almond milk. Healthy fats help to prevent inflammation and weight gain caused by inflammation.

Melissa drank enough water to flush out toxins and maintain internal pH levels and homeostasis, necessary for weight loss.

Lemon water can help you lose weight. It enhances flavor, supports internal pH balance, eliminates toxins, and reduces overeating.