Toni Duggan of Everton is not married yet, but she was engaged to her future husband Tony in 2015.

Although she has not revealed anything about her partner, she did share some details about their relationship with Express Sport in 2019. Duggan, an England winger, has adapted to life in the spotlight after playing for one of the world’s most famous clubs and rubbing shoulders with royalty.

She left Manchester City in 2017 to join Barcelona, leaving behind all of her loved ones, family, and boyfriend, Tony. Despite the miles between her and her family in Liverpool, Duggan maintains close ties with them and frequently expresses her love for her long-term lover, Tony.

They frequently take vacations together to places like Venice, where Toni can unwind from the stresses of professional football. Duggan said at the end of her first season with the Catalan club, her family and partner assured her that there would be someone there for every home game. 

Her Instagram photos show that the two lovebirds are head over heels in love. The couple has frequent dinner dates and attends Barcelona games together. Both couples are huge music fans who enjoy listening to Rihanna’s music and even attended Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert.

Furthermore, Duggan and her companion Tony enjoy visiting vacation destinations such as Venice. Her buffs ensure that she has enough time to unwind after a long day of football games.

She is overjoyed to see her fans’ overwhelming support and pledges to attend every game. She prefers to keep her personal life private due to the media’s intense interest in her.

But nothing can stop their true love as they still manage to spend their time together without unnecessary media buzz.