Leonard Fenton Illness: Was Doctor Legg Sick? His Health And Death Cause Update
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Leonard Fenton Illness: Was Doctor Legg Sick? Following the death news of Dr. Legg, fans are curious to know how he died or if he was sick as when he was alive. What Did Doctor Legg Die Of? and What Happened To His Health are some of the questions people are asking. Get to know the details below!

Leonard Fenton Illness: Was Doctor Legg Sick? His Health And Death Cause Update

Leonard Fenton was an actor, director, and painter from the United Kingdom. He spent more than fifty years in his acting career and continued to appear on television and stage occasionally.

His death news has saddened everyone. People are paying him tribute and remembering the emotional moments from Eastenders that made everyone cry. 

Leonard Fenton Illness: Was Doctor Legg Sick?

From what we gathered, some unofficial sources, claim he was sick for a while and may have died of it while some others say he breathed his last breath as the result of natural causes.

However, going by his obituary notice made by his family, “his health deteriorated and he died”. The exact illness that he may have suffered was not mentioned in the obituary info.

In summary, It’s okay to say Doctor Legg did not die as a result of severe disease; rather, his old age may have harmed his overall health.

Was Leonard Fenton Married?

Yes, Leonard Fenton was married to his wife Madeline Thorner a British woman. She was a supportive figure to Leonard Fenton and both have been married for several decades with four children.

Madeline Thorner is a private person, and no information about her can be found on the internet or in the media. Madeline Thorner plays the cello.

Net Worth

As of 2020-2021, his net worth increased significantly Leonard Fenton’s income is primarily derived from his success as an actor. He’s originally from the United Kingdom.  Fenton’s net worth, money, salary, income, and assets have all been calculated to be huge.

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