Roger Maris Jr. is one of the children of the late baseball great Roger Maris, who passed away in 1998.

His father was a baseball player who set a record for most hits in a single season while playing in Major League Baseball. Right fielder by position, he is most remembered for setting a new record for home runs in a single season by hitting 61 of them in 1961.

The fact that the record wasn’t broken until 1998 makes it all the more fascinating, and it’s still the all-time mark for the American League.

After making his big league debut on April 16, 1957, when he was still in his early 20s, he was rated 416th in the history of the major league. In the same manner, he broke the rules for rookies during the 1957 season, and he played his final game in 1968.

On April 19, 1960, at the age of 25, Roger Maris made his debut with the Yankees. His father was brought back into the public eye because an up-and-coming athlete named Aaron Judge stated that he would smash the record that his father had established.

The children of Roger Maris were in attendance at Yankee Stadium in September 2022, and they saw their brother Aaron Judge go within striking distance of breaking their father’s record.

According to Kevin, Roger Maris’ son, it is good to see his father still alive and getting some recognition for his baseball accomplishments. Kevin said this.