Tim Henson Girlfriend Is Gigi aka @minoudoll on Instagram - Family Background, Career & Earnings

Tim Henson began his career at the age of 19 after falling in love with the guitar and purchasing one for himself at a young age.

In order to achieve greater success, he is currently focusing on developing himself and launching a live show.

He has devoted his entire time and effort to this. He is currently a well-known guitarist and hip-hop singer in the United States. He used to live a lavish lifestyle in his younger years.

His Band Polyphia

Polyphia is an instrumental progressive rock band formed in 2010 by Lane Duskin (vocals), Tim and Scott LePage on guitars, and Brandon Burkhalter on drums. Lane left the band in 2012, and Brandon left in 2014. He was replaced by Randy Methe, who left a year later.

Polyphia’s current lineup includes Tim, Scott LePage, Clay Gober (bass guitar), and Clay Aeschliman. The band’s first demo, “Resurrect,” was released in 2011, and their second, “Bach Concerto No. 1 in D Minor,” was released in 2012.

Their debut extended play (EP), “Inspire,” was released in 2013, and its lead track, “Impassion,” helped the band acquire some recognition in the US. Since July 18th, its music video has received over 3.2 million views on YouTube.

Polyphia’s style

The boys rose to prominence on YouTube for their guitar covers of popular songs, and their self-titled debut EP demonstrated how much pop music influenced them.

Polyphia was labeled as a progressive rock band after their second album, “Renaissance,” and they began incorporating funk, hip-hop, and EDM elements in their new songs.

Their subsequent songs became more metal-oriented, and they were quickly associated with the Djent progressive metal subgenre.

His Net Worth In 2022

Tim Henson, a well-known guitarist, has an estimated net worth of $48 million, which comes from his prosperous musical career.

He is one of the wealthiest guitarists from Texas to have ever been born. Additionally, he is a well-known guitarist. His live performances, YouTube, Twitch, and brand sponsorships are the main sources of his income. ADVERTISE HERE

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