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Take a look at the connectivity options you have today when you think about visual displays. You can easily use a wireless display, Chromecast, or something else. Moreover, you have HDMI and DPI cables that you barely think about VGA. Yet, VGA ports and cable still play a vast role in today’s world. Let’s take a look at their utility in various areas, even today: 

1. The Gaming Resurgence:

We live in an era where Tesla has introduced electric and automatic driving cars. There are PlayStation 5 and Xbox, but still, the feeling of nostalgia is one-of-a-kind. And so, as the folks that grew up with retro games, classic games, and arcade machines still hold our hearts.

From the SNES to the Sega Genesis, there are many gaming consoles and setups that require VGA cables. And more importantly, they work great to provide the right graphics and gameplay for authentic appeal. 

2. The PC Building Customization 

There are many top-end gaming PCs and Laptops available today that have discarded the VGA to VGA cable. Yet, a true individual who has built a PC will tell you that VGA is still ever so important. That’s why Monitors and other display units still come with VGA compatibility and, often, VGA ports. This is to ensure that you can build your PC.

In many less-rich countries where premium PCs are too costly, custom PC building is essential, and the VGA cables make it affordable. 

3. The Audio Visual Commercial Application 

Most conference rooms and meeting rooms will have a projector, and these projectors usually have a VGA port that attaches to the PC or other units. Today, you have VGA to HDMI adapters to connect to your Laptop’s or PC’s HDMI port, while the projector still requires VGA. 

That’s because these are the most affordable options to set up an audio-video system for conferences and other events, including seminars. The connectivity is flawless. 

4. The Secure Installations Of VGA Cables 

We all know that VGA cables have 15 points and also a big blocky blue body. But that blocky blue head also tends to have secure screws or thumb screws. By using them, you can lock the VGA cables to the unit and avoid accidental pull-outs, especially in secure connections.

That’s where VGA still excels compared to other options like HDMI or DP Cables that don’t have any kind of securing option. A few examples are in Military areas or conference rooms where you can’t tolerate a mistake. 

Other Uses Of VGA To VGA Cables 

HDMI cable can transfer audio and video together, but if you just need a picture and not audio, VGA to VGA cable is a better choice. Moreover, it can prevent accidental broadcasts of movies, music, and such. Similarly, many experts still use VGA ports and cables, especially with their monitors, for artistic work and expression as it tends to offer them better clarity.

So, if your objective isn’t to play the game immediately, VGAs still play a vital role in ensuring great utility. 

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