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Is Adrian Richardson Still Married To Wife Janella Purcell – Adrian Richardson is a chef who is 51 years old and married to Michelle.

Adrain Richardson is an Australian chef and television host. He is most recognized for his role in the television show Good Chef, Bad Chef. Adrian is the owner and chef de cuisine of his restaurant, La Luna.

Is Adrian Richardson Still  Married To Wife Janella Purcell - His Relation With Dr. Preeya Alexander Explored

Chef de cuisine Bad Chef is a cookery show in which chefs and nutritionists attempt to create healthy and unhealthily prepared meals using the same components. The show first aired in 2009, and its fourteen seasons were recently released.




Is Adrian Richardson Still Married To Wife Janella Purcell – His Relation With Dr. Preeya Alexander Explored

Adrian Richardson is married to his wife, Michelle, while his on-screen partner for the cooking show, Good Chef Bad Chef, is Dr. Preeya Alexander. He and his wife seems to be married for a long time and are blessed with three children.

Michelle loves good old-fashioned prawns and avocado cocktails. So, the chef prepares the dish for his wife to make her happy. Similarly, they have a small veggie patch at their home where they grow celery, thyme, strawberries, passionfruit, and a bay leaf tree.


The passion for making food seems to run in the family of Adrian as he was inspired to make dishes by his grandmother and grandfather. In the show, Good Chef and Bad Chef Adrian and Preeya venture to make dishes together on screen.

Preeya tries to limit the use of butter, oil, and other ingredients that are considered unhealthy while Adrian pours out his heart in the dish without consideration of unhealthy ingredients.

How Old Is Adrian Richardson Age?

According to the courier mail, Adrian Richardson is 51 years old and will turn 52 this year, but his exact birthdate is unavailable at the moment.

Adrian started his career at the Victoria Arts Centre in Melbourne. He has worked at Le Restaurant at The Regent Hotel and O’Connell’s Hotel with the chef Greg Malouf.

Adrian started his career in Television in 2006 from Jamie’s Kitchen Australia where he appeared as a guest while he appeared as a presenter for the first time in the show Boys Weekend.

Adrian Richardson Net Worth

Adrian Richardson’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions, but specific figures are currently unknown.

He’s been cooking for a long time and has made a good living from it. On social media, the chef is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

He has 21.4 thousand Instagram followers as @chef adrian richardson. On Twitter, he goes by the handle @tastysausage and has 3.9k followers.

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