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Who Is Leonard Fenton Wife Madeline Thorner? What is Madeline Thorner’s background? Leonard Fenton’s wife is currently grieving his death.

Madeline is a cellist in her professional life. Aside from that, the public is unaware about her personal and professional life.

Who Is Leonard Fenton Wife Madeline Thorner? Everything To Know About EastEnders Actor Spouse And Net Worth - Obituary

Despite this, she was a strong supporter of her husband’s professional endeavors. To learn more about Madeline, keep reading.

Who Is Madeline Thorner? Get To Know Leonard Fenton Wife

Madeline Thorner is the surviving wife of EastEnders star Leonard Fenton. Seemingly, the latter has been successful in hiding his spouse’s details.

Indeed, fans have been demanding to know more about Madeline. Hopefully, she will make a media appearance very soon.

At the moment, all we can confirm is that Thorner is passionate about music. We can find a few pictures where she is spotted carrying a cello.

Most probably, she has had experience working in orchestras. But, there’s nothing on the internet to know more about Madeline and her personal life.

Nevertheless, Show Biz Corner has deployed a research team. We will provide further details on our next update for sure.

Is Madeline Thorner On Wikipedia?

Madeline Thorner’s partner is on Wikipedia but her profile is yet to be created. Moreover, we cannot find her on social media too.

On Leonard’s wiki, Madeline is referred to as his first wife. So, fans are curious to know if he was married again.

But, there isn’t any information related to their divorce. Hopefully, Madeline will clear our doubts very soon.

Learn About Madeline Thorner Age

Madeline Thorner is either in her late eighties or early nineties. But, her exact age is yet to be revealed.

On the other hand, her husband died at the age of 95 years old. Reportedly, he would have reached 96 on April 29, 2022.

Madeline Thorner Net Worth Explored

Madeline Thorner’s net worth is under research. We can confirm that she earned well as a cellist.

Speaking about her spouse, Leonard was worth $1.3 million at the time of his death. The couples lived together with four children.

Madeline Thorner Husband Leonard Fenton Death Cause And Obituary

Madeline Thorner lost her husband, Leonard Fenton on January 29, 2022. As of now, his death cause is yet to be known.

Well, Leonard was a legendary actor and director. Many describe him as an extremely polite and kind personality.

Reportedly, Fenton was widely popular for his appearances in The Zombie Diaries, Shine On Heavy Moon, The Bridge, etc. Moreover, his role as Dr. Legg in EastEnders has been loved by viewers all over the world.

According to Sky News, Leonard’s family published an official obituary recently. As per their statement, his health got worst during the end phases of his life.

Thus, we believe that his cause of demise is probably health issues. There will be further updates regarding Leonard’s passing.

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