Gregg Hillhouse

Gregg Hillhouse made his reality TV debut back in December, in Hulu’s Back in the Groove.

It was an amazing opportunity, no doubt – so, how did he react to being cast?

We sat down with Gregg to hear how he got involved in the show, and how he responded to the news.

Gregg Never Thought About Doing Reality TV

As is often the case with reality stars, getting involved in the genre was never really top of mind for Gregg Hillhouse.

However, that’s not to say he was ever opposed to the idea.

“I’d never given much thought to joining reality television – but I was familiar with a few shows on air, so I always felt that my personality would be a great fit for it,” he muses.

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Evidently, the Back in the Groove production team felt the same.

Soon after the casting process began, the fitness trainer and model found himself in the running for a spot on the show.

So, what all did that casting process entail?

The Casting Process Had A Mind Of Its Own

For starters, Gregg points out, there was no specific moment where he was told he’d been cast.

“The casting process sort of has a mind of its own,” he jokes.

“At no particular point are you really informed that you’re selected – you just get that feeling! Various phone and Zoom calls with production later, and the next thing you know, there’s flight information and an itinerary in your email.”

A whirlwind process, for sure – and Gregg beams that he loved every minute of it.

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“It truly was a fun overall process, getting familiar with the behind-the-scenes crew,” he reminisces.

Once He Knew He Had A Shot, Gregg Played It Cool

Given the initial uncertainty of the process, Gregg notes that he played it pretty cool, even when he realized he was in the running for the show.

“Although I was truly excited internally, I try not to get to high, nor too low, in any situation.”

Initially, that meant keeping the news hush, even when he did know he’d been selected.

“I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious, per se – just more of a ‘Wait until it happens’ kind of thing. Damn sure, I wasn’t going to tell any and everybody too soon, only for the opportunity to fall through, for whatever reason!” he laughs.

However, once he knew he was locked in, for sure, he let a select few in on his secret.

Naturally, his mom was the first to know.

“I recall bringing it up to my mom within a casual conversation, somewhat cavalier. We definitely shared a quick laugh together. She was curious to know what all I’d be doing, and I knew she was happy for me.”

As for the rest of his immediate family, he laughs that telling each of his siblings was simply too big a task.

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That checks out, though – as he points out, “I come from a BIG family!”

“Four sisters and one brother. I have a twin! They keep me grounded, for sure – but it would take me all damn day to notify all of my sisters, individually.”

Luckily, that worked in his favor.

“I was fortunate to be able to inform my whole family – just not all the details. There had to be a firm level of discretion, especially in the social media era. Production can’t run the risk of secrets getting leaked.”

Gregg Reveals What He’d Tell His Pre-Show Self

So, Gregg made it through casting, kept things under wraps, filmed the show, and its subsequently aired … but what did he learn through the experience?

Asked what he’d tell his pre-show self, given the chance, Gregg explains that he’d emphasize staying in the moment.

“Be present, but be bold. Remain brazen and daring, within the confinements of holding true to yourself,” he muses.

“I’m happy with my experience on the show, but reflecting back on those times when I was unsure about doing something … my present self would say, ‘Just do it! There’s a reason why you’re here, Gregg. There’s a reason why you were selected. So, shoot your shot, man.’ No regrets or doubts, moving forward.”

Can we get Gregg on another reality show, stat?

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