Elon Talks Left's 'Mind Virus' Bringing on 'End of Civilization' in Blockbuster Interview With Joe Rogan
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As we reported, X owner Elon Musk had few choice words for Disney and others who pulled their advertising in the wake of allowing antisemitism on the social media platform accusations based on a report from the left-wing Media Matters. 

Warning for language:

“Go @#$% yourself, is that clear? I hope it is,” Musk declared. “Hi, Bob!” he said, referring to Bob Iger, the head of Disney, one of the companies that had pulled its advertising from the X platform. 

But Musk wasn’t done with them yet. 

Elon dropped a graph from a new survey and had a great question for Disney and the other advertisers. 

The graph shows that TikTok and Instagram have far more of an issue than X does. Yet, Disney is still advertising on the other platforms. That certainly blows up any justifications for advertisers. Why aren’t they pulling out of TikTok, then, if that is their true concern, and it isn’t just some political reason? 

As data scientist Anthony Goldbloom explained about the survey, “Spending at least 30 minutes a day on TikTok increases the chances a respondent holds antisemitic or anti-Israel views by 17% (compared with 6% for Instagram and 2% for X).”

However, TikTok serves a lot of narratives on the left. So we’re not seeing people rush to stop advertising with them. But that shows how empty and partisan the argument for pulling out or advertising is for Disney and others. 

Not only are their arguments empty, but choosing the wrong side in a battle for free speech may make Disney’s troubles worse. Now some big social media names are talking about boycotting them again.

As my colleague Brandon Morse observed, Musk went on to say that what he cared about was “the reality of goodness, not the perception of it.” And that what he saw all over the place was “people who care about looking good while doing evil. ” 

Musk is standing in the breach in the battle here and it’s an important battle to win, for all of us. 

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