WATCH: Joe Scarborough Whines About People Who 'Get Paid a Lot of Money' to Say 'Catastrophic' Things
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In this episode of The Hypocrisy of the Left Knows No Bounds…

I have a working theory about liberal hypocrisy. If my theory is incorrect, these people are even worse than we think they are. Anyway, I’m somewhat convinced that leftists are incapable of recognizing their own hypocrisy, particularly when they’re guilty of the very assertions about which they castigate conservatives.

I don’t know how far up the hypocritical Democrat totem pole MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough ranks, but this dude ain’t anywhere near the bottom. Scarborough — aka: Mr. Mika Brzezinski, in my book — histrionically wailed about Donald Trump throughout his presidency, as if the former president was the Devil’s own spawn. In a sense, Scarborough has only gotten more venomous since Trump left office.

In a Twilight Zone-like mini screed on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe,”  Scarborough actually had the cojones to decry “people who get paid a lot of money to say” “catastrophic” things on TV, in podcasts, and so forth.

Yo, Joe — take a look in the mirror, my man.

Scarborough praised Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy for behaving like “grownups” in reaching an agreement in principle in the contentious debt ceiling battle.

Translation: Scarborough knew McCarthy once again threw conservative fiscal policy under the bus and folded up like a cheap suit during his negotiations with Biden.

Mika kicked off the festivities:

Joe, on the debt ceiling, you said they’d get there, but how’d they finally do it?

Yup, the old set-up question. That was all Joe needed to respond — in all of his hypocritical “glory” (emphasis, mine).

They had no choice. They got there. And, you know, we live in this world that’s designed  — this political world that’s designed to promote discord, division, hatred, where our political opponents are actually our sworn enemy.

Stop the tape. Um, Joe? You and your MSNBC colleagues (see: Joy Reid, Nicolle Wallace, et al.) promote “all the above,” daily — in addition to endlessly race hustling and intentionally sowing those seeds of division — and distrust. Please.

Scarborough continued, oblivious to his sheer hypocrisy:

And I do know that there are far too many people who want to, want to set aside democratic elections. We saw it happen on January 6th. There is much to mourn about the direction that some have decided to take this country in.

But, but you look, Willie, and, and you see that you actually have, in Joe Biden, and here, Kevin Mccarthy, but you have a Democratic president and a Republican Senate and now House, that have worked together in pretty historic ways over the past year and a half. Getting bipartisan legislation.

And let’s look at Kevin McCarthy really quickly here. This is Kevin McCarthy, who many said for quite some time, for good reason, were concerned that he was going to go sideways on supporting freedom fighters in Ukraine. We heard him shut down that Russian reporter said, get out of their country. Stop killing their children. Stop committing war crimes.

And here, you know, the nation’s economy was on the line. And, you know, he behaved responsibly. Biden behaved responsibly. They were grown-ups.

As I said, earlier, Scarborough only heaped praise on McCarthy because he reckoned Biden played the Speaker like a fiddle. Then this:

And so, again, we should worry about things that we should worry about. But there are days we should wake up and say, you know what? Things are getting done. And it’s not always quite as bleak and catastrophic as people who get paid a lot of money to say it is on, whether it’s cable shows or online, or in podcasts, or in political speeches, or in books.

Gimme a break. Scarborough has been one of the left-wing hood ornaments of cable news ever since Donald and Melania Trump rode down the “golden escalator” in Trump Tower in June 2015 to announce Trump’s 2016 presidential candidacy.

The Bottom Line

While it’s true that the left knows no shame, it’s also true — in my opinion, that is — that there exists an elitist attitude on the left that makes it incapable of seeing itself as it is. I’m not suggesting the left has the market cornered, here, but damn close.

And, incidentally, I’ve spent my entire writing career condemning hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle, believing that while fact-based bias is one thing — and correct — blatant hypocrisy for the sake of partisanship is quite another.

Meanwhile, it’s always good to check in with Mr. and Mrs. Mika, every now and then.

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