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Who is Bianca Devins?

Bianca Devins was seventeen when she was murdered on July 14, 2019. She was living with mental health issues, including borderline personality disorder, but found comfort in making friends through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, 4chan. and Discord.

In February 2020, Clark pleaded guilty to Bianca’s murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in state prison. At the time, prosecutors argued that he killed her in a fit of jealousy after seeing her kiss another man, and posted graphic images of her body on her Instagram story and on a Discord server. It is these images that still haunt the Devins family.

“The trauma this has inflicted on our family is simply indescribable,” Kim Devins, Bianca’s mother, told Insider, explaining that the family is frequently sent pictures of strangers and tagged on social media accounts. social. They use them as profile photos. Now, she is campaigning to hold platforms accountable for spreading such images.

Bianca Devins age

Bianca Devins was 17 years old.

Cause of death of Bianca Devins

Social media star Bianca Devins is believed to have been murdered by her boyfriend, who later posted gruesome images of her body on Instagram, where she remained for the next 12 hours in July 2019, but now according to an explosive complaint. presented on Monday. Thursday, July On November 15, the New York State District Attorney’s office reportedly shared Nu ** of Devins images that were taken from her phone after she was abducted from the crime scene. The lawsuit claims that images of her death were also released to the press in violation of federal law.

Child pornography, the production, transmission, distribution and exhibition of which is a criminal offense, has become a subject of increasing concern in recent years. Previously, “Counting On” star Josh Duggar was arrested in April on charges of possessing and receiving child pornography.

The brutal event surrounds Bianca Devins, a 17-year-old Utica resident on her way to college in July 2019 when she was killed in a pickup truck after a concert by Brandon Clark, a man she had known online for two months. prior to. The media revealed on Thursday, July 15. Clark installed a camera in her car to record the two of them having sex and then slitting her throat as she begged for her life.

Clark, who was 21 at the time, had taken selfies alongside Devins’s body, posted them online, and was subsequently indicted by the Oneida District Attorney’s Office, which used the films and photos as primary evidence for he. Cicero’s man will plead guilty. murder last year, the New York Post reported.

Who are the prosecutors who shared the Bianca Devins videos?

“When confronted, Assistant District Attorneys Sarah DeMellier and Michael Nolan admitted that the district attorney’s office had shared the content,” the lawsuit read. The two Oneida prosecutors assured Devins’ mother, Kimberley, that she had always feared the images would one day be posted and go viral online, that the tapes would never be aired. However, she was horrified to see that the office had shared them with CBS 48 Hours, A&E, a Clark confidant with a large YouTube channel, and perhaps MTV and Peacock TV, according to the lawsuit.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Sarah is an Assistant District Attorney for the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office and has held that position for over nine years since 2012. She holds a Juris Doctorate from the University School of Law. Of California. She detroit Mercy and she also graduated from Le Moyne College. She also worked for more than seven years at the NBT bank.

Michael is also an Assistant District Attorney for Oneida County. He is registered with the New York State Office of Court Administration, according to He graduated from Albany Law School and was admitted to practice in New York State in 2006.

“Kimberly was devastated by the release of the murder video and the sex tape of her daughter.” The grieving mother told The New York Post that her daughter’s death was her “worst nightmare” and that it still looks like a horror movie two years later.

Prosecutors accused – arrested

“The prosecution has been reckless and casual with those who provide the private images and the last moments of my daughter’s life; meanwhile, they refuse to allow their own family to see the evidence. “It is not the norm that government agencies do not share these types of images out of respect for the relatives of the deceased. Even if the evidence is considered public, the risk of disclosure outweighs the public’s desire to see it, leading most law enforcement agencies to conceal such material, or at least combat it, the news outlet reveals.

Devins estate attorneys claim the material was voluntarily surrendered to gain favor after the Oneida district attorney’s office was misrepresented in a separate case that appeared on NBC Dateline. “The Oneida County District Attorney’s Office was embarrassed by the media’s description of its prosecution in the unrelated case of Kaitlyn Conley in the murder of Dr. Mary Yoder and regretted not having defended itself in the article. of 2018. [NBC] Deadline on the case, “alleges the lawsuit, calling the actions of the office” inconceivable. He added that they had been “enthusiastically handed” illegal evidence that exploited Bianca’s privacy and rights, not to mention federal laws on child pornography. ”

“To date, Bianca’s own mother has not seen the horrific videos of her daughter’s last moments on earth, apparently she is the only one so restricted,” the lawsuit says. Oneida prosecutors, according to Carrie Goldberg, the attorney representing Bianca Devins’ heirs, “should be held accountable for distributing snuff movies and child pornography with Bianca.”

“My heart aches and it confuses my brain that a 17-year-old murder victim is more abused by authorities who do not care about her privacy. Bianca will be vindicated here, “Goldberg said, adding:” And the world should know that even possessing sexual material from Bianca, or anyone under the age of 18, is illegal. “

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