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Who is Lorraine Graves ?

Lorraine Graves was arrested on one count of accessory to murder after she commented to the Tulsa Police Department after Wednesday that she was listed as the “Most Wanted” of the force. Graves responded to the post saying, “Where is the reward money?” A screenshot of her post is shown. Detectives arrested her Thursday in north Tulsa, according to the department. Bail for her is set at $ 500,000, police said.

Authorities were seeking clues to Graves’ whereabouts in connection with the March killing of Eric Graves, a 30-year-old man who was found shot to death inside an apartment in St. Thomas Square Apartments, KTUL reported. It was unclear how Lorraine and Eric were related. Two other suspects, Jayden Hopson and Gabriel Hobson, were charged with manslaughter in the shooting, according to police.

His comment confused some Facebook users. “Giiiiirl, you better stay away from social media, they can track you !!” one person commented. “It won’t be so much fun when they process you,” said another. Since then, her comment has been removed, but the post announcing her capture has gone viral, generating more than 1,200 comments as of Sunday. “Well, she got the reward money,” one user commented after news of her arrest circulated.

Lorena Graves age

The age of Lorraine Graves is unknown.

Suspect arrested

In a bizarre incident, a Tulsa woman was caught by police after she commented in the police department’s “MOST WANTED” post about herself. On Wednesday, July 14, the Tulsa Police Department listed Lorraine Graves among the “Most Wanted of the Week.” She was wanted on suspicion of being an accessory to murder. Graves commented on the same post asking about the reward money.

A new Facebook post from Tulsa police details how they arrested Graves, following her comment. She was arrested on July 15 in North Tulsa. Bail for her is set today at $ 500,000. “Weekly Most Wanted Arrest After Commenting In Our Post About Her? On Wednesday, we listed Lorraine Graves as the most wanted weekly for an accessory to the murder of Eric Graves earlier this year. Shortly after that, Lorraine Graves started commenting on our post asking for the reward money.

On 7/15/21 around 4:30 pm, detectives from our Fugitive Warrant Unit arrested Graves in North Tulsa near 36th St. N. and Garrison Ave. Graves is charged. accessory to murder. Her bond is set at $ 500,000. This is an arrest, not a conviction, ”said the new charge.

Police were searching for Graves in connection with the murder of Eric Graves, 30, who was shot and killed inside an apartment on St Thomas Square in March 2021. While it is not yet clear how Eric was related to Graves, Two other suspects Jayden Hopson and Gabriel Hobson were charged with murder.

In the July 14 Facebook post, Graves commented, “Where is the reward money?” Her comment left other users baffled, one of whom commented, “Giiiiirl, you better stay away from social media as they can track you!” Another person commented, “It won’t be much fun when they process you.”

Her comment was later removed, but the screenshot went viral shortly after. The post that announced her arrest attracted more than 2,300 actions and 1,200 comments. After his arrest, one user further joked, “Well, he got the reward money.” Another said: “He looks happy. Possibly she wanted to be caught. ”

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