The Indiana Attorney General's Office is warning parents about an escalating kidnap-for-ransom scam
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A LAWYER is urging parents to stay vigilant of a brazen cybercrime centered around a fake kidnapping scheme.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has warned families in The Hoosier State and the United States about the escalating scam.

The Indiana Attorney General's Office is warning parents about an escalating kidnap-for-ransom scam

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is warning parents about an escalating kidnap-for-ransom scamCredit: Getty

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita stressed that parents with children traveling abroad or attending school overseas should be extra careful about the crime.

A scammer may prey on unsuspected parents by obtaining a photo of their child in a secluded area, from social media, or pretend to have kidnapped them, according to Rokita.

After the crook sends a photo to the parent, they’ll then ask them to wire ransom money in exchange for their child’s safety.

The scammer will ask for the money immediately, Rokita told ABC affiliate WLS-TV.

The Indiana attorney general advised parents to remain calm and avoid arguing with the perp.

Rokita recommends that while on the line with the alleged kidnapper, try to call the suspected victim from another phone or contact them through social media.

Another tip Rokita suggests to parents is to buy time by asking to speak to their child directly, repeat the suspect’s requests, tell them you’re writing down the demands, or tell the perp you need time to meet their demands.

Rokita always recommends that potential victims notify their local police department when possible.

More tips Rokita said parents should be wary of are:

  • Beware of incoming calls from an outside area code
  • Slow down the situation by remaining calm and asking the caller, “How do I know my loved one is okay?”
  • If the alleged kidnapper does not let you speak to the victim, ask them to describe the loved one or describe the car he or she drives, if applicable.
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